Published on October 25, 2020 (Updated on March 31, 2021)

Rocks+ V6 (130+ Structures) With Options

This addon will be the start of my 3 part structure expansion to make Minecraft feel more expansive. This addon aims to add more rock ambiance around your world and also add more Structures that add subtle details to your world. (This is my distraction till I can mess around with the new objects that are coming in 1.17) 

Now with over 100+ structures (as of V2)

Now with over 120+ structures (as of V3)

Now with over 130+ structures (as of V5)

Now V6, with a complete options list and remastered!

Select version for changelog:

  • Redone V1 rocks completely and added options
  • Will get rid of the unnecessary extra links and let people pick and choose how their experience will go!


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I have no idea why the links got scrambled but they're all there. V6 is the newest!
It works on 1.20?
We miss you man.
adfly is dodgy, why not linkvertise or whatever it is everyone else uses?
Bruh Your v6 link is full of viruses and scams......
Did it devolve the link into viruses?
Change v6 link to Mediafire
great news this is compatible with 1.18... at least on ios
Kingmaster0fficial 11 December 10, 2021 at 1:34 am
Can I use your add-on to create an add-on pack
Hey so i cant get past the link
can you help?
I just got an error that i cant import the mod into minecraft pls fix it
Im so sorry but im a little confuse on the subpack......of this resource pack

What are the differences of those four on each subpack , can you explain it ? Please......sorry for disturbing....😓
Really good addon, it makes your world more alive.
Hey Toast.

Love your stuff; keep up the great work.

Wondering if you can help me with something - I'm to trying to make the following groups of add-ons work together (listed from bottom to top):
Behaviour Packs and/or Resource Packs
PLENTY o Biomes
Minecraft Pirates
Jungle Expansion
Pinnacle Expansion
More Simple Structures
Natural Structures v10
Rocks+ V6
Animals can attack
New Mutant Creatures
Reallight Rewritten
Fused's Falling Leaves
CRAFTING Progression
Ambient Sounds
Resource Only:
Waving Leaves and Water (Fuse)
Lily Pads with Flowers (Fuse)
Better Foliage (Fuse)
Improved Biome Water Colours
and AK Reloaded

Somewhere in there I believe I am getting conflicting textures. First noticed on underwater vents so I tried removing underwater vents from Rocks+ as they are also found in More Simple Structures. Thought I was good until I discovered another texture conflict on an underwater rock (?).

Is there anything you know of that might be causing this? Do you have any suggestions on how I can best address the problem myself (bearing in mind that I have almost no idea about programming for add-ons)?

Thanks for your time. Hope to hear back from you soon .

Rocks+ Doesn't add any blocks or textures, there just vanilla structures soo I doubt it's related to Rocks+.
I downloaded the three addon, I will test it now.
That was exactly what I was looking for.