Published on May 12, 2019 (Updated on August 14, 2019)

Ruins Add-on "New Ruins in the Nether!"

Make your Minecraft world more creative with this cool, new add-on that will absolutely redefine your crafting experience. If you're getting bored of seeing default, ordinary and dull structures and ruins already, then you must give this add-on a try. What are you waiting for? Turn your Minecraft world into an awesomely different one.

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Please update it to 1.14 version of Minecraft. It was one of my favourite addons and I loved using it. Please do it it will be very appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance.
Please update for 1.16 becouse netherwart farm no longer spawns in the nether due to the biome "Hell" being renamed to "Nether Wastes"
I haven’t even tried this addon and am still rating it one star for the simple fact that the creator lies that his addon won’t work if you don’t subscribe to his YouTube channel. Not only is this an incredibly selfish, immature thing to do, but is also completely unethical. If you asked nicely (like ‘If you’d like to see videos of my addons or would like to help me out, please subscribe on YouTube’) for subscribers I’d be much more likely to be ok with it, but straight up lying for subscribers is not ok.
You should add another ruin BUT in the jungle
I have a question: why are you so desperate for YT Subs?
ikr its a little creepy, not to mention you dont "havet osubscribe for this to work" the mod works fine without subscribing. Creator if you see this I am not trying to be rude it just looks bad trying to get subs the way you are sorry :(
I can’t find then underground base
I liked this but it's messy - it spawns underground dungeons in and around my town too often, overwriting/ obliterating parts of the town (once I came across two dungeons spawned together, one offset and merged with another - too much!). Graveyards tend to spawn hanging over edges in space. I haven't seen the others yet but I'm removing this as it's buggy.
Add a maze in the pyramid and add bos into the tower, castle tower and remove diamond block at the bottom floor of the tower, castle tower in V5
Add a maze in the pyramid and add bos into the tower, castle tower and remove diamond block at the bottom floor of the tower, castle tower in V5
I have problem while I was walking in dessert I saw 1 big tree and a 1 pyramid I turned around then It was 3 big trees and 3 pyramids and they wouldn't stop spawning and only other ruin I saw was Graveyard other ruins I didn't saw
Can you add 1 new block for this suggestion? Okay since these are natural spawning can you tone it down a LOT so these are very very hard to find cause they have a freaking diamond block in two of them!!! Another change I would want would be the design of them, I mean the towers could use some work. The grave needs to only spawn at night, have actual grave stones and spawn zombies and skeletons. The towers should have more of a challenge than just zombies. Now for the additions: cloud block will only spawn in floating clouds and islands can be used to craft cotton candy (just want a use for them other than building) or building. The new stuff that will naturally generate will be: clouds( just cool to see one) and floating islands( come in many varieties: mushroom only spawns in mushroom islands or biomes has 1 giant red mushroom with tiny mushrooms around it, normal oak tree on an island, evil island instead of normal fluffy clouds there are black storm clouds with 1 pillar and netherrack around.)
Kees Binchesco Rodriguez August 01, 2019 at 10:13 am
its a nice addon but the flowerbeds and ruins spawn tooo close too my base, is theere any way to control the spawn rate or distance? its pretty anoying, i have like 5 underground ruins around my base... dont take me wrong these are nice ruins but it does clutter my base with the flower beds constantly.

did you fix this in V4? or else ill wait when you update it. or else tell mee what to edit in the JSON files so i can lower its spawn rate/distance. thanks for the nice mod 3/5
The only ruin I could find is dead Bush!
I really love the addon, but there is one complaint I have: The the Ruins generate as if they were spawned like mobs. Heck they have spawn egg for crying out loud! I feel it would be better if they generated like other structures so you don’t get problems like hundreds of dead trees
While trying to download brought me to place that didn't even have a link! It also had tried to give me a virus, a direct download would be nice
Nice addon with randomly generated different structures!
Pyramids constantly fill my deserts and the opening allows random mobs to walk in and set off the TNT. Half of my village is now a crater.