Published on April 05, 2020 (Updated on February 05, 2021)

Undertale Addon! (Dust Sans Update!)

Are you a fan of Undertale and Minecraft?

If the answer is yes, then this addon project will make you happy.

This project even has some fanmade undertale characters like sanesss, xans and so on! Come in and take a look!

Before the introduction, I want to say something.

If you hate me, then just don't play Minecraft with my addons.

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All right, let's start.

Dust sans!

The best sans I've ever made, it is a 3-month-long project, hope you like it! (It's still a beta version of Dust sans addon, we will improve it in the future.)
It is powerful and it wants to kill all human.

It has the same abilities as sans but more powerful... It can kill sans in a second... Don't try to fight him in survive mode!

If u really want to summon it, use a secret command, /summon dusttale:murder_sans.


She is not as powerful as sans, but she is powerful enough to kill you! She can use her spears to kill you!But if you kill her successfully, she will turn into her next stage: Undyne the Undying!
In this stage, she will try her best to kill you! She will use blue and orange spears (They are able to explode!) to break your concentration!

Flowey (And Omega Flowey)

Maybe you think Flowey is cute and harmless, but actually it is cruel. It will try its best to kill you.
It is watching you... (Big thanks to Dilla's model support.)

It will turn into Omega Flowey itself in some unknown ways, maybe you can figure it out by yourself.

It will summon some monsters and yes, break your data.

And also, we added Help_tale fresh sans secretly. It has became a bloody monster and all I can say is:

Don't summon it.


He is so strong that he can kill almost all monsters! He has 4 ways to attack hostile creatures. He's able to avoid all kinds of attacks and his health point is infinity. (He is also a 'Lazy Bone' )

Orange Bones

If you are attacked by orange bones, you become very slow and are easy to be hurt.

Bone Lurkers

If you are attacked by these lurkers,they slow down your actions too. Lurkers' attack is the most common one from sans. Though it is weaker than orange bones attack, you still need to be very careful.

Blue Bones

If you are attacked by blue bones,they make you floating in the air before you finally fall to die. So watch out!


They are thrown out by sans and give you a lot of damage.

Gaster Blaster

they are summoned by sans.If you are attacked by them,you will burn and half-dead.


If your Minecraft level is below 19,sans won't attack you.
However, if you are at level 19 or above, sans will give you a judgement. 
It's impossible for you to kill sans in a normal way, but you can delete him by using a command block on him.
(Also, when sans is attacking someone, the background music will be immediately changed into Megalovenia.)
Remember, sans can dodge any attacks, no one can even give him a single damage in survive mode.

Sans's second stage!

If sans can't beat his target in 1 minute, he will turn into his second stage and summon plenty of Gaster Blasters.

CHARA & Frisk

Maybe she looks cute, but Frisk is controlled by Chara- a fatal killer now. She uses her Bloody Knife to attack. if Frisk see her target, she will turn into CHARA immediately.

Bloody Knives

They are thrown out by Chara. they will let you become slow, so it is impossible for you to escape.

Knife Luckers

If you are attacked by these lurkers, they will slow down your actions. How to tame her?
You can use her knife to tame her. to get the knife, type /give @s chara:item. Then right click Chara/Frisk with this knife to tame her. Now you've tamed her, you can right click on her to let her sit and stand. She will follow you. And she will also attack all hostile mobs and your target. She will protect you :D


!Warning!: Experimental Gameplay must be turned on!

Type /function sansmode to turn on sansmode.

Remember that you don't have infinity strength value as real sans. (But at least you can also dodge all attacks)

If your strength value downs to 0, you will be slow and easy to be killed. you have 12 strength value, but don't worry, Strength value bar will restore each second.

With sans's incredible power, you are able to use:


Yes! Those bones are throw out by you!

Damage: 1

It takes you 1 strength value.

Gaster Blasters

You can summon this powerful 'weapon' to burn your target.Damage: 1+ 3 burning damage

It takes you 3 strength value.

Blue heart

This item is used for keeping the distance between you and your target. Damage: 1+ 2 knock off damage

It takes you 2 strength value.


This item is used for escaping. You can teleport with this item.

Damage: 0

It takes you 3 strength value.


(Uh, yeah, sure. at least you can give your target a JUDGEMENT like sans.)

Just use this item.And then you will be able to control the gravity. And the strength value's restore velocity will become very fast.When you are in JUDGEMENT mode, the mob near you will float and fall to die.

Green heart

This item is given when you are in JUDGEMENT mode. With this item, you are able to control the gravity- you are able to let all mobs float for 5 seconds with this item.Damage: 1+3 falling damage

It takes you 3 strength value.

To turn off sansmode, just type: /tag @s remove sans

If you want to know more about sansmode, take a look at this tweet:


With this item, you can play as Xans easily!

Get this item by command, and then long press the screen (or right click) to become Xans!

With incredible power, you can use a lot of skills and one shot almost everything!


A fanmade sans from another universe. The funniest sans I've ever seen. It is short but powerful, it will give you a BAD TOM.

(Addon by 雨白桦, if you can't bear the music, just type /stopsound @a)

Even more powerful than Gaster's Gaster Blasters, so it is fatal. Lurkers

More powerful than sans's lurkers, but seems like sanesss don't use it often.SANESS BOMB

A bomb that deals a lot of damage, it will hide underground, so be careful! Bones

They are thrown out by saness, simple but fatal.


A sans which is more powerful and buggy. It can kill most of mobs- but he is not the strongest. He is a hostile mob. (made by 雨白桦)

It will also summon some error blocks.It can also use bones and lurkers as well.

It is also able to make an earthquake.

Gaster Blaster 

He is also able to crash your game randomly, change your game mode and use /kill.

Bloody Gaster

A Gaster who is really brutal, it is from UNDERBLOOD (A universe created by 雨白桦), it is the most powerful mob in its universe! BTW, you world is DEAD


A secret character of Undertale. He is not as friendly as sans, he will attack all hostile mobs and PLAYER.

On his first stage, he will summon some Gaster Blasters and black lurkers.

WARNING : If Gaster can't kill his target in 12 seconds, he will turn into his SECOND STAGE

He will summon a lot of powerful gaster blasters. He is also able to fiy, so it will be very hard to beat him. It is even very difficult to touch him!

(He will also change the time to let you know the meaning of doomsday


This is not the full version of this addon.


The latest version of this addon is chargeable.


Gaster‘s second stage's BGM: ECHO, by +α/あるふぁきゅん。Thx a lot!

Gaster二阶段BGM:ECHO,演唱者:+α/あるふぁきゅん。 感谢!

This addon's creator: H2Vwither123,QQ: 913702423

这个addon的作者:H2Vwither123, QQ:913702423

To some people

We made chargeable Ultra Drowned.

You these people spreaded it.

We made chargeable titan addon.

You these people spreaded it.

Now we begin making addons free.

You these people begin sharing direct link,

Do U know what do I want to say?

Fuck you off.

If u want to share this addon, you can only use MCPEDL's link, not your own link. you also can't share the direct link, or I swear I will give you a copyright strike.

Yes, especially that app called Addons For Minecraft. Your disgusting behavior made me sick.

I'm not the only creator of those add-ons, the creators are also my friends H2Vwither123 and 雨白桦 who have authorized me to translate their work into English and introduce this amazing add-on to anyone who likes it on MCPEDL. We are Chinese and this add-on is created by Chinese.

My friend and I hope you like the add-on and enjoy playing with it. Your feedback is welcome and highly appreciated.


Select version for changelog:


We updated the links and fixed some annoying bugs! Hope you will like this update!

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I like this mod, but words "Undyne is weaker than Sans" are cringe. Canon Sans is good fighter against genocide human, but not against monster.
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Nice addon also thanks for making Xans frok under virus :)
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Help, when I deactivated it, I still only have one heart!
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the chara, sans, and gaster download links are not there :(
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Im a Simp to chara so... Best addon ever :)
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i mean yea its good but why didnt u just put 1 link with one of them? and not just like 13 links?
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That dog you met in mexico September 13, 2021 at 11:30 pm
the comments are toxic *cough cough*
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ULB Sans Phases 1-3 would be so great! With the music! Pls add it!
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Whats the difference between dust sans win 10 and mobile? does it use rtx or something?
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Bruh its so hard to defeat dustsands and it can even die its really annoying cuz i need to create a world to get rid of him
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YOUR invincible! I hate you
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Shut Up Wd Gaster.Exe the hater
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WD_Gaster.EXE the Hack-ter(Hacker + Hater) July 20, 2021 at 5:13 am
Haahahahhah u think u can still defeat me, No!!!
I'm BACK and my son too!!!
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That's right father we are back to defeat u!!!
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Your right father we are back to defeat u!
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Zandar324 At Bedrock MC November 20, 2021 at 8:56 pm
Need help? I can help you get supplied with weapons. =)
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