Published on December 22, 2020 (Updated on December 22, 2020)

Santa's Deathrun | [Christmas] [Minigame]

Santa's Deathrun is a Christmas themed minigame where there will be two players: Santa and the Elf. Th story line says that the elf has been lazy and didn't rap the presents up for Christmas and so Santa got angry and wants to troll the Elf. The elf has to reach the end of the course before the 3 minute timer ends, otherwise Santa would win! However, Santa has loads of pre-built traps to kill the Elf with! THIS MAP CAN ONLY HANDLE 2 PLAYERS!!! 

How to Play?

This Minigame is really simple. There will be one Santa and one Elf. You can pick which role you would like to be. Make sure there is two players before starting! So when you have picked your roles and begun, you will see that Santa is in a different section than you as he has control over loads of cool and deadly traps that would try and kill the elf. The elf has to dodge the traps and reach the end before the 3 minute timer ends! The elf has 3 checkpoints which are the diamonds.

Bugs to be aware of:

1. Not able to see chat whisper to you your role.

2. Water not killing you.

3. Command picking the wrong winner.

4. Spawning outside of the map after death.

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Before you download my map, please read the instructions carefully. There are two ways to download my world (both for free) and should only take you 10-45 seconds if you follow my steps properly.

How to Download through my YouTube (Recommended):

2. Once your on my video, open the description and scroll down until you find where it says Download Here.
3. Click on either the mcworld, zip or rar to download. (mcworld is recommended)
4. You will be taken to mediafire where you can download my world!

How to download through Linkvertise (Supportive):

1. Firstly, click on "FREE DOWNLOADS WITH ADS".
2. You will be taken to Linkvertise where you have to verify that your a Human.
3. Then, you have to wait five seconds, then open where its says "Read Articles".
4. You don't have to read an article but just wait 12 seconds then press continue.
5. You will then be taken to my website where you will scroll down until you can see my map.
6. Click on either mcworld, zip or rar to download. (mcworld is Recommended)

I know that this process is annoying, however it does support me to make more maps like this one!

Recommended file type to download is mcworld.

Installation Guides

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