Savannah Village on Deep Ravine w/Dungeon

There are many seeds in Minecraft where you'll spawn near a village split by a ravine. This seed is one of them. The world seed features a savannah village, which is split in half by a deep-cut ravine. The ravine also exposes a dungeon on one of it's sides. Here are the full details:

In this seed, you'll spawn next to a savannah village. The terrain within the village is very rough; not really suitable for building without a lot of terraforming. Why did the villagers build here? I don't know. But in a few of the buildings, there are chests.

You can't really see it from the above picture, but there is a deep-cut ravine splitting the village in half. Here is the ravine in the following pictures.

A farm was caught in the middle of the ravine and now it's floating lol

Anyway, a dungeon is exposed on the right side of the ravine. It's located near the floating farm's waterfalls.

But that's not all! West of the village is a ruined portal. This makes travelling to the Nether a but faster as you don't need as much obsidian than you would if you started from scratch.

That's pretty much all. Here's a Blocktopgraph satellite map of the world seed's contents (ignore the Steve head).

Enjoy the seed!

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