Published on October 04, 2018 (Updated on August 07, 2019)

Antoine City [Creation] (Community Project...?)

My first city build. The city is medium-sized...and unfinished. With certain permissions from me, you can create and edit the city as you please. And I'll upload it to this page.

This is a project that I started, but never finished. Instead, I let the community build the city, so I can plan a new city. You can contact me for editing permission. Someone is building the city already, but there's a chance that I might come back. If I do, I will still upload you city version on this page as another download link. So don't worry if you worked hard and I come back. Rememner, this come back isn't certain, but not impossible either.

In the meantime, you guys can enjoy my unfinished city :)

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> Updated description so it's from me, not from MCPEDL.

> New notes just in case I do come back to this city.

> No .zip file as it isn't necessary for worlds.


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Guest-5578275207 May 15, 2020 at 3:10 pm
It love love this map ????????
Can you make it for 1.14 please?
У меня готов целый генплан по развитию этой карты
Sorry to Xbox players that need a .zip file, forgot about that. I'll upload a .zip file next time.
Please upload it already. I hate .mcworld files.
When you download the mcworld file, hover you cursor over the box, check it, and press thr three dots in the bottom right corner, and press rename, and remove mcworld and replace it with zip. It should turn into a zip file.
Quick not: If you're Xbox One, and you need a .zip file, I'm sorry. I forgot that y'all need a .zip file. I'll upload a .zip file next time.
Its NOT good its AMAZING!!!
When I tried to play the world, it said a new version had already been saved. I really wanted to take a look at the city. Please update the page with the new version
I like the City Thx for the map!
Is all building fully furnished?
Mine says it can't be loaded bc it was saves in later version too. Idk how to get on
It says that a new version has been saved?! Help
Why required beta?
Is map using Scoreboard??
No, there is no scoreboard.
No, there is no scoreboard.
I don't know what beta this is on