Published on October 11, 2019 (Updated on October 07, 2022)

Scare Troll - Minecraft Bedrock Screamer (Add-On) [v1.16+]

Halloween is once again growing near, so scare your friends off using this add-on! Scare Troll add-on implements a screamer inside your world, so you can scare them off even when they are just casually mining and crafting!

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Changelog (v3.0)

  • No longer uses player.json modifications to run the runtime
  • Updated screamer rendering methods with slight JSON UI modification
  • Jump scare screamer sound is now streamed and persistent when played

Happy Halloween! 🎃👻


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This is oddly familiar to the scare addon made by Kyle Rifqi
Hmmm... Yes. Please read his description first.
Very great add-on!

Will you allow me to use this in my world which is going to be in mcpedl soon?
This addon will not whosoever. It says the target either already has a tag or too many please fix plus I play mcpe
try removing the tag before adding it again
Cool! Maybe add some variation or some suspense to make it not as predictable; like maybe a cave sound and in a few seconds something spawns? Cool idea overall, good job!
**enderman voice intensifies**
Cool addon! I want to scare my brother! But, add some custom jumpscares!
U should totally continue updating this addon, I cant wait to troll my friends
LOL! This is a extremely genious add-on. It's great for pranking other players or your friends.
This is just evil.
My friend just booted his desk! I love you so much thanks for making this.?