SCP: Containment Breach Minecraft Bedrock Remake v0.7 [DISCONTINUED]

Did you think there will never be a closely accurate remake of SCP: Containment Breach on Minecraft Bedrock? Well you were wrong! This is a discontinued map made using only vanilla commands and redstone, with my own resource pack (with only sounds and textures)

A new map is being developed, with improvements in every aspect.

This map is a recreation of the SCP: Containment Breach map seed 9zrkmiqf

Since this is a discontinued map, please do not report bugs. There are many new areas which do not work properly or at all. Apologies.

Please note:
You must re-download the map to reset it 

  • The resource pack is included in the .mcworld  file.
  • This map works on most if not all bedrock platforms (MCPE, Windows 10, Xbox etc.), but how well it works depends on how good your device is.
  • SIGNIFICANT lag reduction since the previous version!


You CANNOT re-upload this map anywhere else. You may use it for anything you want (recording videos, adapting it, etc) but you must credit me and put a link to my YouTube channel.) 

This map is being completely re-made, I hope all the content stealing will stop, and that people actually give appropriate credit. If it doesn't, I won't release anything.

» Discord
» YouTube
» Trello page

Some precautions when playing the map:

-Right clicking/pressing directly in front of you may place the item you are holding onto an invisible armour stand used for SCP-173’s look detection (only activates when near SCP-173)

-Do not throw "blink", "save" or "save and quit" too close to a wall, they won't work

Main Features  

-Most details of the intro sequence

- Light Containment Zone




-SCP-914 (only keycard upgrades, with chances)



-SCP-096 (not within playable area)



All credits go to the creator(s) of SCP: Containment Breach game, and creators of other Minecraft Bedrock SCP add-ons.

Everything contained within this map is based on the SCP: Foundation and copyrighted under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 (CC BY-SA 3.0) license:

This remake on Minecraft Bedrock is an individual project, I am not part of the SCP: Containment Breach team.

SCP Foundation site

SCP: CB Site

Watch the trailer!

Select version for changelog:


I've discontinued this map quite a while ago, but I've decided to just release the version I had before I discontinued it. A new map is being developed by a team I've created called Scizzor Studios. It will be immensely better than this one and includes custom entities/items but it will take some time so please be patient :D.

Changelog for v0.7 (as far as I can remember):
- Added quite a lot more HCZ
- Added working SCP-096 made using commands
- Some bug fixes but a lot of new bugs exist that won't be fixed (sorry)
- Random map improvements in detail and functionality (music, events, etc.)


Click one of the links provided, after you have downloaded the ".mcworld" file, open it with Minecraft. 

You do not need to access any Minecraft folders as Minecraft will automatically import the ".mcworld" file

You should check out MCPEDL's tutorials for the specifics.

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

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Jeffy: wate... So... 96 ate 9?... AHHHHHHHHHHHH YOU GOT THE WIGHT GUY I THOUGHT 6 ATE 9
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I can't wait for part 2 keep up the good work ty for releasing the unfished one it was still fun and worth the download
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Guest-2296646989 May 20, 2020 at 6:04 pm
Finish it plz
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I like you map but please add some hints its more fun like that
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can you make some updates
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could you possibly add a zip file download link? that would be nice.
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I love you map its fun
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Is this capable for multiplayer?
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Julius where is the resurs pack??
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Where do you download it? I'm practically blind lol
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Hold on, you said if will be continued by someone else?
Does it mean it will still be updated here or in the marketplace? Like where can we see the updates

Anyway, great map!
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I feel you buddy .
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Good??? MAP
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To stop people from not giving credit just put your name in the title like I did with my addon
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Is it actually possible to escape
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If you do allow me, this will take me a long time because I'm having difficulties with the files of MCPE right now.
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Use FX file explorer dood
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The thing is, I had to re-create the world again because of how my worlds were stored in the application, not the actual external storage. However, I have improved my second build. To your question, I don't use FX, I use DV File Explorer.
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Trash kid stop stealing work from other people copy cat!!!!!!!
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Trash kid stop accusing other people angry commentor!!!!!!!
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