Published on November 19, 2019 (Updated on May 17, 2021)

SCP: Collaboration

The most versatile add-on out there, 40+ SCPs, SCP Foundation Personnel, many bosses, Scarlet King, 3D weapons, custom biomes, custom structures, custom armour, custom morphs. Anything you could possibly think of!


This add-on adds many SCP related aspects to your Minecraft world.

- SCPs/Entities- Structures/Biomes - Weapons - Armour/Morphs- Bosses 

Please read through this page to know how they work. 



- This add-on is based on the SCP Foundation and copyrighted under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 (CC BY-SA 3.0) license 

- If you are using this add-on for ANY of your content, you MUST credit me by linking to my YouTube channel, or by linking to this page, your content must be also under CC-BY-SA 3.0

- You are not allowed to edit the code, if you want to learn from it, sure, but note that copying and pasting isnt learning.

- You are not allowed to share the direct link (mediafire link), only share this page.

- Since this is at the top of the page, ignorance of these instructions does not excuse breaking them.



- Big Thx to Bendy the Demon18, Dany Fox, DyDyOOF, MechaManiac, Angious2004, LuciousKneez & DGCrafter. They have helped with numerous textures, models and sounds in this add-on.
- Thx to justAsh from PixelPoly for teaching me how to make 3D items.
- Some sound effects from BATIM
- Some music taken from MakaiSymphony
- Scarlet King Boss Music from Aliaksei Yukhnevich (Deliverance & End of the Abyss)
- SCP Raid muic from Vitalii Suzdin - Beyond the Mind
- SCP-096-JS sounds from SCP: SL
- Some assets were taken/adapted from the SCP-Containment Breach Game
- Credits to MACHINE_BUILDER for feature rule generator.


SCP Credits

(I tried my best to find the original authors/uploaders/writers of each SCP article)

SCP-001: Gate Guardian By: Dr Clef

SCP-035 & SCP-076 By: Kain Pathos Crow

SCP-049 By: Gabriel Jade

SCP-066 By: Scantron

SCP-079 By: Joonas Rikkonen

SCP-096 By: Dr Dan

SCP-106, SCP-409, SCP-682, SCP-280 & SCP-914 By: Dr Gears

hSCP-113 By: Lt Masipag

SCP-173 By: Moto42 

SCP-294, SCP-280 By: far2

SCP-303 By: AJAlkaline

SCP-427 By: Dr Ouros

SCP-457 By: agatharights

SCP-553 By: Patku

SCP-610 By: NekoChris

SCP-650 By: Dr Talson / Ekzentric Lohner

=SCP-714 By: Arcalane

SCP-939 By: Adam Smascher

SCP-966 By: Enma Ai

SCP-1025 By: Lasergoose 
SCP-1074 By: Smapti
SCP-1499 By: Trasknari
SCP-1507 By: Roget
SCP-2950 By: weizhong

SCP-3000 By: djkaktus
SCP-3057 By: The Great Hippo
SCP-4335 By: Westrin
SCP-871 by Seibai



- You can see a document with all the recipes here



Some SCPs can spawn naturally around your world. Some can be found in facilities. You can also get SCP spawn eggs from mining SCP Essence Ore to get SCP Essence, which you can trade for SCP Spawn Eggs using the Serpent's Hand Anomalous Generator (SHAG)

(SCP Essence Ore - Spawns like diamonds but abit more common)

S.H.A.G (Obtained from defeating Serpent's Hand Boss)

All Spawn Eggs:



There are also custom structures that spawn naturally in your world! Remember to turn on experimental gameplay for this to work.


Here is a facility beside the new "Forgotten Lands" Biome:

All 3 facilities in the add-on. 

Uppermost one partially by DyDyOOF, completed by me
Middle one by me with some help from others
Bottom one by MechaManiac


The facilities have quite good loot in them! All structures tell some kind of a story, one way or another.

You want to summon scarlet king? Search through all the facilities to find the Ritual Document, which will teach you how to summon the scarlet king. I ask you not to directly teach others, as it will ruin the fun of finding it yourself.

Maybe this rather rare structure has something to do with it?


Chaos Base (by MechaManiac)
Guarded by the chaos insurgency members, this base has quite cool loot in it. But beware of what lurks in it's dark corridors...

Chaos Base Ruins (by MechaManiac)
Some bases dont go as planned, and have been abandoned... 
Search through the ruins and scavenge for any remaining loot


G.O.C Base (by MechaManiac)
This base is guarded by G.O.C Soldiers. Maybe they have some cool loot like maybe plasma pistols and quite abit of redstone and concrete.
Be careful not to touch their mech tho



G.O.C Base 2 (by Icabob)
This base is guarded by G.O.C Soldiers AND G.O.C Jets. 
Hey look what's that Mech in the middle of a boss roo-




3D Guns

Plasma Pistol, Plasma Cannon, Flamethrower, XM-25, AWM, P-90, Shotgun, RPG, AK-47, Negev, Mine Deployer

You can get the Plasma Pistol from G.O.C Bases or Soldiers, and the Plasma Cannon from defeating the G.O.C Boss.
The rest of the guns can be obtained by trading with scientists, or from SCP Facilities






3D Weapons

Crucible, Chaos Staff & Chaos Shield, MechaManiac & BFG9000
Other non-3D swords include Broom, Gate Guardian's Sword, Ancient Sword and Dagger.

The Crucible is obtained from scarlet king chains from Stage 4. "Killing" the chains charges them, right click to get Crucible Ammo. It is a one-hit kill weapon, but has only 1 use per "ammo"

The Chaos Staff & Chaos Shield are obtained from defeating the Chaos Leader. Sneak to use the shield, note that there are cooldowns for it.
Sneak and keep punching to shoot fireballs using the Chaos Staff.

The MechaManiac is obtained by defeating the Corrupted Broken God.
It is inspired by the DOOM Eternal chaingun. Sneak while shooting to shoot very fast. Note that there is an overheat cooldown

The BFG9000 is unobtainable in survival.
It is inspired by the DOOM Eternal BFG9000. It can hit multiple enemies with one shot, even if they arent directly hit by the projectile.
The BFG9000 does insane damage, but isn't a one-hit weapon like the crucible




Armour / Morphs

There is armour for all the MTF units in this add-on. The SNE one has no effects due to technical diffuclties. 
Here is an example, the Fire Eaters armour

There are SCP Morphs. The ones in the addon are SCP-096-JS, SCP-049-JS, SCP-173-JS, SCP-106 & SCP-939. They all work like how they should.
Here is an example, SCP-096-JS Morph



There are quite a few "machines" in this add-on. Use destroyer tool to destroy them. Some require sneaking while interacting to work.
Use rotator tool to rotate. Use builder tool to cycle between keycard door levels.

The machines are:
Tesla Gate, Gate A/B Sign, SCP-173-JS/SCP-106 Cage, Heavy/Light Containment Doors, Heavy/Light Containment Keycard Doors, Blast Door, HID Turret (from Bendy), Missile Launcher, Camera, Facility Lockdown Terminal, Computer, Chair




Fight them yourself to find out how hard they are :D

There are the following bosses: (not all shown in picture)
SCP-4335, G.O.C, Chaos Leader, Corrupted Broken God, Serpent's Hand Boss, Scarlet King + 5 Sons (mini bosses)




You can get Corrupted Broken God spawn egg from Serpent's Hand Boss after defeating him

Some Teasers of Scarlet King Boss Battle


You can also watch me fight it here. (There have been a few tweaks since)


Getting Items & Blocks / Summoning Facilities:

You can do the following functions to get stuff: (use /function, then)
- allarmour
- allblocks
- allblocks2
- allblocks3
- allbuild
- alldocument
- allguns
- allkeycard
- allmorphs
- allscpitems
- allswords

To spawn facilities/structures, use a structure block and switch to "Load" mode. Enter one of the following:
- facility_1_1
- facility_2_1
- facility_3_1
- chaos_base
- chaos_base_2 (Ruin)
- goc_base
- goc_base_2
- chaos_camp_1_1


This add-on will not receive any more updates. Perhaps if there are major bugs there will be, but i want to move on to bigger, better projects. Hope you enjoy :D

Watch the trailer








Select version for changelog:


Removed all adfly links and replaced them with direct download/mediafire links

Updated discord server link




You can refer to the following links as well:
> iOS

> Android

> Windows 10
> My video for iOS



1) Go to files app, navigate to downloads. You should see the name of the pack there.

2) Copy this file over to Documents by Readdle app

3) Rename the .mcaddon to .zip. Press use .zip

4) Rename it back to .mcaddon Press use .mcaddon

5) Now open it, press more and press copy to minecraft. It should work now

If it doesn't work, try extracting all the zip files directly into Minecraft. The folder location is:
games > com.mojang > resource_packs / behavior_packs



- This add-on is based on the SCP Foundation and copyrighted under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 (CC BY-SA 3.0) license

- If you are using this add-on for ANY of your content, you MUST credit me by linking to my YouTube channel, or by linking to this page, your content must be also under CC-BY-SA 3.0

- You are not allowed to edit the code, if you want to learn from it, sure, but note that copying and pasting isnt learning.

- You are not allowed to share the direct link (mediafire link), only share this page.

- Ignorance of these instructions does not excuse breaking them.

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Please make Minigun
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Easily the best addon out there. Used to run smoothly in 1.16 but I'm facing some problem on 1.17. All armors glitch and will cover your entire screen, the G.O.C cannon won't shoot most of the times. Plus this addon glitches a few vanilla items, such as the shield, the bow and the crossbow. The bow and crossbows basically disappear in the first person view but can still shoot, and the shield in basically moved forward, you can even see the handle of it, and it covers a good part of the screen. I know this addon was intended to be played on 1.16 but seeing how amazing it is it'd be nice to have it up and running for 1.17
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Can I make YouTube Videos about this mod? Pls say yes
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I will never gonna give you up and never gonna let you down August 23, 2021 at 4:27 am
can i ask if can i use this on my survival world? are these entities can destroy everything?
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What's the difference between this and the Lite version? Because I'm kinda confused on which one I should pick :/
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𝘽𝙚𝙣𝙟𝙖➪𝘼𝘾 August 17, 2021 at 9:45 pm
Tengo un teléfono gama alta y aún así el scp 096 me cierra el juego :(
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i wish you put more guns such as pistol or some realistic weapons
keep doing what you do buddy 💞
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One of the best mods I've seen, yet SCP 096 crashes the game when I look at his face, and I have a very fast phone.
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hey i want to put you to test make a achal steam locomotiv addon with lner A-1 A3 A4 lbscr-E2
and add rolling stoks such as coachs coal trucks vans break van you the british railway steam locos
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Aminecraftplayer2737 July 17, 2021 at 4:01 pm
Gud it work for 1.17 but the scp-ua365 dont appear :(
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I don’t see the guns and how do I get the SHAG out of my screen?
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10/10 addon but umm question if there is a way to chill the scp structure spawning?
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this is the best mod,please update to support 1.17
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some bug for 1.17
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i was wondering how to get to the scarlet thing
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