SCP Horror Map

Are you a fan of SCP? Then this map is for you! With custom texture, sound and mobs. But this map is different from the SCP Containment Breach game. This map is based on imagination and and own version.


Your a part of some secret organization that Contaminated a lot of experiments and one day one experiments break out of his cell and cause a severe damage at the property. The property is abandoned and they sent you to kill all the experiments

Game Rules:

1.. Any kind of cheats is prohibited

2. Play in game mode adventure to avoid breaking blocks

3. Raise the volume to Max or wear headphones for better experience

4. Raise your game brightness to 100%

5. Set your difficulty to easy


For Zip File:

After downloading the file extract the folder then copy the extracted folder to phone(name of device)/games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds Then hit paste and that's It! Launched the game and enjoy the Map.

For McWorld File:

After downloading the file click it and it will automatically install it on your Minecraft app have fun and enjoy the map.


Supported Minecraft versions


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Installation Guides

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86 Responses

4.44 / 5 (48 votes)
  1. The ai milk says:

    is some of this texture made by BlueGamerzTM

  2. Guest-3972676556 says:

    in the game files, where you tried to texture the powered rail as blood, you renamed it the wrong block. It’s not rail_powered, it’s rail_golden.

  3. Guest-9510251361 says:

    the jumpscare at the end was a really cheap jumpscare

  4. Guest-6449798693 says:

    would not bother. have no idea why or how people got scared and think its good
    1. in my opinion, is quite bad. you literally may as well have re-textured it with fnaf and called it a day
    2. i really wanted for this to be good, i really did! but but the lack of effort was really showing and the map was simple, got turn on the elevator, kill 096 (which you aren’t meant to be able to do) then leave
    if you want to make a horror map again that is based of scp, research a lot about it, because once you do, you can make some really good maps. when making a horror map, think of the story line, then, over time, develop it bigger and bigger. hope you take into account my feedback and tips, you have a lot of potential

  5. User-7730357412 says:

    What’s the music at the end of the map called?

  6. helam02 says:

    can you please give me the texturepack and behaviourpack downloads?

  7. Jediah says:

    Please upload a video on how to install it

  8. WJ says:

    This is one of the best mc horror maps

  9. WJ says:

    I love the map scp

  10. just a dude says:

    Why is everyone freaking out in comments its just a map XD

  11. just a dude says:

    what in the balls is all the fuss about

  12. alex says:

    pls make download for addon to. i love map

  13. Question says:

    What is the /play sound for the jumpscare?

  14. MohammadTim says:

    What’s the name of the music at the end.

  15. Official_Tulip says:

    Good game broooo=D

  16. heckin' joe says:

    i shit my pants .-.

  17. Lollipopangriff says:

    Why the jumpscare at the end? WHYYYYYY BRO. It’s a very good map, good work pls more =)

  18. arse says:

    naffle faffle

  19. Chunk Wiggleson says:


  20. John Heckerson says:

    Just to answer people’s question o no when where to get the textures, download the map, go into the files app, open the world, go into where the resource packs are, and then move them to your resource packs. It’s quite simple but hard to explain.

  21. MrBacon says:

    This was amazing! Awesome music at the end ;D

  22. Anonymous says:

    Looks cool but why cant i download it!?

  23. DANGGA says:

    very well done 5 star for great map

  24. Neck.s says:

    Scp-107 is a safe turtle shell not a pale dwarf zombie

  25. Anonymous says:

    Scp 101 also has teeth

  26. Jack says:


  27. Logan says:

    Could I possibly have the texture pack for a horror map that I’m creating?

  28. Logan says:

    @gab_the_crafter Could I possibly have a link to the texture pack, as I like it and I’m creating my own horror map.

  29. Ender10 says:

    Can u pls add a one more download link but not on mediafire? it is because my firewall is blocking mediafire that means i cant downolad it

  30. GamerZedTez says:

    Actually amazing, even if it didn’t follow the SCP lore

  31. Anonymous says:

    Its gewd

  32. Anon says:

    Out of all the maps I played recently, this is the best one yet. It’s a very minimalistic map with a short story as well, but the best feature is the fact that this map simply doesn’t try to suck. Good map overall. Would really recommend this for people who like short maps.

    Bugs(?):if you get into the elevator after you completed chapter two again(if you went down already) it will repeat the entire chapter again.

  33. Mcplayer says:

    Crazy ! I had a lot of fun on this map

  34. SkohieGamer says:

    Hello Gab_The_Crafter! Your map is absolutely amazing. The Exit scared the hell out of me. I love it. And also may use your texture pack. I’m making a horror map called “Ground Zero” and also the concept of my map is not actually based on SCP. Just a creation from my imagination. And also how did you edit the texture pack i wanna learn so i can make my own. Im using android. Thank you!

    • Uhh says:

      This game scared me so much! I also want the texture and why did you add scp 106 if he doesn’t have a cell?

      This game scared me so much and I want texture pack also if scp 106 is in the game why did you not add a cell for

  35. Rexbone says:

    Wait… How do you create custom sounds and textures and stuff?

  36. Sosig_Party says:

    I swear the exit scared the living hell out of me!

  37. Andr3x 24 says:

    Do you do the addon with this texure, mob, keycard and door?

  38. This map is cool for one out of imagination. But if you wanna see a containment breach remake, I’m working on one without the use of mods. Trying to make it as closely accurate as possible

  39. Shadow says:

    This is a fun map it scared me most of the time and if you make a new one please add in scp-173 I love scp

  40. ????? says:

    i cant get in

  41. Good job. You did very well on making this map. Though It would make more sense if instead of kill scp 096, you trap him. Since scp 096 is basically immortal in the documents. Also, give him custom ai and sound effects. besides that. Amazing.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Ahhhhhh i played it and got scared to death

  43. BlazingDG says:

    Wanna work on a horror map with me?

  44. A person that knows CB says:

    this is the only good map on
    even though it was short it was fantastic
    keep it up!

  45. Mindrz says:

    I have just a small problem, it seems that it doesn’t work for 1.9.0, if you could make a version that would be appreciated.

    Also, I don’t know if this was intended or not, but you got a lot of things wrong about the foundation. Again, not sure if that was the point, but i am just gonna point it out. Looks pretty good though!

  46. Anonymous says:

    Great map but which command block makes me survival? My friend trolled the map and I want to try and fix it and maybe edit a bit. Great map I just want to be creative for a bit

  47. Jesse1234567 says:

    Can you make it 1.9.0 version please?

  48. M Cov says:

    You should upload the texture pack to! Cuz I want to use it on some of my worlds.

  49. ELITEGAMEZ321 says:

    Nice map i want to see more of your content forget about the mean comments i dont care if it doesnt follow the lore of scp what i care is how cool the map is

  50. Bdude1994 says:

    Great map man i loved it just an idea u should make a minecraft creepypuster map and put the link in my video for youtube

  51. Stardust5ds says:

    I can’t download it please help

  52. Darknight says:

    Good map and in my opinion if you wanted this to be creative you should have added your own scp’s but Overall its an amazing map you should create a sequel

  53. MrSlime_ says:

    Gab_The_Crafter, Are you a filipino?
    Yes or No

    BTW your map is cool

  54. Laser says:

    Love it! More maps please 🙂

  55. This map is so bad It’s not letting me even download it thank god media fire didn’t let me see it

  56. allen023 says:

    cool map although it’s not multiplayer friendly since the armor is only for 1 person so I need to cheat and give my friend an armor

  57. ?Soup? says:

    Is still one of the scariest games!

  58. Ash says:

    Is it multiplayer?

  59. Anonymous says:

    I know that this map is based on “imagination”, but i honestly can’t stand this because it’s full of misconceptions about SCPs.

    First; they’re not experiments, they are anomalies. Anomalies are different from experiments.

    Second; i played this for a couple of seconds and left instantly after i encountered SCP-101. According to the official wiki, SCP-101 is actually a bag, not a pale dwarf zombie.

    Next time you make a SCP map, make sure to actually follow the lore. The texture pack is good, but the plot is absolutely awful.

    1 out of five stars.

    • That’s why I made it based on my imagination and version to make the map scary you wouldn’t scared on a bag right? And I know I didn’t follow the game’s lore sorry for that ? I don’t intend to give misconception about the actual SCP

      • Anonymous says:

        Same guy here.

        Sorry for my rude opinion back there, you do you. I was just pretty annoyed how the game didn’t follow the official lore.

        Cheerio, lad! ?

  60. Anonymous says:

    No offense it was creative and cool but I think you got the game and story all wrong it wasn’t test subjects it’s bassicaly containment for super natraul beings scp doesn’t Stand for safe secure protested it stand for safe secure protect and the subjects weren’t all zombies like. Scp 096 is not a zombie it’s a slim tall being that kills you if you look at its face and old man scp is not that fast he’s pretty slow again not ensulting the game just saying

    • Darknight says:

      Actually anonymous SCP doesn’t mean safe secure protect it means secure contain and protect and they not only contain being they also contain items like scp 005 and scp 500 so study scp lore before you go around and lecturing people ok not hating just saying

  61. Scrafter_87 says:

    This it will add new mob?

  62. A019 says:

    Great map! Although, can you actually make the SCP-096 closer to the real thing? Here’s a reference:

  63. DURPM00S1CKK says:

    Very well done.

    You’re one of the best horror map creators on minecraft.
    You always have the right texture for the right map

  64. Sandra says:

    Cool Aber Wie Installiere ich mir die Mal ?

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