Published on January 31, 2022 (Updated on January 24, 2023)

Shattered Totems | Totem & God Apple Recipe

Shattered Totems is a small addon that adds a new way to obtain Totems of Undying and returns the old Enchanted apple recipe.

This addon is also featured in my addonpack; Mysticraft. A fantasy-adventure addonpack including 27 other addons with the 2.0 update coming very soon, if not currently out. Check it out here

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  • Rotten Evoker remodeled/retextured
  • Rotten evokers can now summon Zombies and Slimes
  • Rotten evokers no longer summon Vexes
  • Shattered totems can now be obtained from fishing
  • Updated Textures for Shattered and Empty Totem


Supported Minecraft versions

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download link expired
The link worked fine when I tried it, but I can make a new one, join the discord so I can Dm you it.