Published on December 25, 2022 (Updated on April 04, 2024)

Mysticraft v2.0 | Fantasy Addonpack/Modpack [BETA]

Ever felt that Minecraft was getting a bit too easy? Lacking in some of its more fantasy-oriented elements?  Or just wanted a whole new way to experience the game? If so, Mysticraft's for you.  

This Modpack or more aptly named; Addonpack adds:

  • 29 Meticulously selected addons
  • New fantastical Magic items, Weapons, and Armours
  • A multitude of dangerous, and beautiful structures to be uncovered
  • Dozens of new hazardous monsters and creatures to discover, challenge, and even tame
  • A beautiful palette of new blocks to build with
  • And an overhaul in how you, the player, interact with death

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Bug fixes:

  • Fixed crash that occurs when in the nether
  • Fixed compatibility issues with the 2 Mummies
  • Queen and baby spider textures/models now appear without error
  • Fixed issue with Rotten Evokers not dropping Shattered totems
  • Fixed issue causing structures not to generate
  • Fixed issue causing Pyre and Glacis Drakes to not spawn in their nest
  • Spider egg and Glacis stone now display texture correctly
  • Fixed sounds of More simple structures mobs
  • Fixed issue causing Haunted Armour to not spawn in its tower


QOL Changes:

  • Flourishing Trees is now on the non-decay version
  • Custom blocks can now be mined more efficiently by any of the custom-appropriate tools in the addonpack
  • Summoned mobs no longer attack creepers and creepers no longer attack them



  • Added Magicraft Spictra
  • Added Night Siege addon
  • Added Creeper overhaul
  • Added Simply battle towers
  • Added Flourishing fauna
  • Added PHX Tools
  • Added Happy's Magic mirrors
  • Added Lifesteal addon (nonfunctional yet)
  • Added Haunted Armour addon
  • Updated Dungeons expanse
  • Updated Flourishing trees
  • Updated Ender awakening
  • Updated Natural structures
  • Updated Tremors addon
  • Updated Extended amethyst
  • Updated Red's more structures
  • Updated Player corpse
  • Updated More simple structures
  • Updated Rotten creatures
  • Removed Nether expansion
  • Removed Instantaneous Staffs
  • Removed Health Expansion



  • Spider queen nests generate once again (More simple structures)
  • Grass clumps generate once again (Natural structures)

Increased generation of:

  • Forest tower (Baguette's structures)
  • Ice temple (Baguette's structures)
  • Fake desert well (Baguette's structures)
  • Battle towers (Simply battle towers)

Decreased generation of:

  • Tower (Red's more structures)
  • Tower (Haunted armour)
  • Abandoned house (More simple structures)
  • Abandoned castle (More simple structures)
  • Desert palm trees (More simple structures)
  • All cacti (Natural structures/More simple structures)
  • Branched trees (Natural structures)
  • Wind swept grass (Natural structures)
  • Ice sheets (Natural structures)
  • Desert bones (Natural structures)
  • Dry trees (Natural structures)
  • Brambles (Natural structures)
  • Desert weeds (Natural structures)


  • Fruit trees excluding banana and cherry (More Simple Structures)


General Changes:

  • You can now access sliders to choose between difficulties including Hard, Hardcore, and Easy
  • Changed some creature stats
  • The Spider Monarch and Spider Queen families will now attack each other
  • Drastically decreased the speed of baby drowned
  • Changed (End expansion) Soul amulet's name to Soul pendant due to compatibility issues
  • Lowered chance of receiving shattered totems from fishing
  • Added more mob spawns into hard and hardcore night siege, including Ghosts, Bug-eyed monsters, Crypt crawlers, Meatballs, and Enraged zombies
  • Rotten Evokers now summon Slimes and Zombies instead of Vexes
  • Pheonixs are now tamed using a fire shard
  • Updated texture for Shattered and Empty Totem



  • The amethyst ingot is now crafted in the crafting table
  • Recipes requiring vanilla weapons/tools will now be made using PHX weapons/tools
  • The Amethyst staff is now crafted using concentrated amethyst instead of amethyst shards
  • All recipes that required the Keg, Spell table or Conjure table were moved to the crafting table due to technical issues
  • Kegs and Spell/Conjure tables are no longer craftable

Supported Minecraft versions

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Deepest apologies to Phoenix13 creator of PHX Tools, I neglected to add credits and the link to their addon in the post
As I'm unable to link it here search " PHX's Tools " in the mcpedl search bar and it will appear

Also, It appears there might be issues with the download on the mcpedl app, please use the mcpedl website to download the addonpack if it doesn't work for you.
If it doesn't work on the website make sure you have AdBlock turned off
update to 1.21.0 please
will this be updated to the current version 1.20.81 anytime soon?
Please upd to current mc version
Did spry Conquest copy you? or you created it?
this is a mod pack that uses Spry and like 3 other mods
Pls make this compatible with better on bedrock somehow
please update 1.20.81
update to version 1.20.81
Please give me the hammer making recipe in the crafting table
Trade blacksmith > Blacksmith Notes > Project Table > New Tools
update this amazing addon to 1.20.80!! please!!!
Anyone know how to make "light pearls?" I can't craft ender eyes without it.
atualize para a 1.20.80 por favor
how do I make dye?