Published on April 02, 2021 (Updated on June 21, 2022)

Ship Wars

Ship Wars! Two teams fight it out trying to get the treasure and bring it back to their ship before the enemy team can catch them and take it for themselves.

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  • Added new download link to allow for us to be payed via ads


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Hi, i’m Alan/Redzzy the creator of the pirate swords or cutlass, i’m glad you liked the texture pack and used it! However i think that you should give credit for the using of it, i liked this map and i hope you keep the good work!

ps: ur skin is so similar to mine lol
Btw i couldn’t contact you on discord because it said your tag is invalid, i would appreciate if you could tell me whats your tag or something, i would want to join or collaborate with you guys. Ty
This comment has been removed
Hi we have since then removed your texture pack from the map. It wasn’t supposed to be included in the final version and was a fun thing for us to use when testing. Sorry!
Good game, capture the flag spinoff. My friend on switch had spawn issues (spawned near command blocks) but apart from that good game :)
Good Job I like it was pretty fun 👍