Published on June 09, 2020 (Updated on June 09, 2020)

Sideways Planks Texture Pack

Let's change one of the most widely used textures by tipping it on its side. This leaves so many new ways to build in Minecraft. This texture pack takes all the wood plank textures and turns them on its side.

Supported Minecraft versions


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This is click-bait
cursed wooden planks
I can't download it because of the annoying download link!
Try using a direct link next time
Can you make a 32x one
Would it be possible to make this a double slab texture instead? To make it more versatile in building
That's not possible since slab and planks share the same texture and double slab is a plank even in Java is impossible, I think
I have seen somebody do it. it was called "a better world" texture pack and it added variants for the slabs
Yes you can do that by editing "terrain_texture.json"and doing slab's side texture be another like for example instead of "planks.png" be "vertical_planks.png"