Published on July 16, 2019 (Updated on July 16, 2019)

Nearby Snow, Ravine & Jungle Biome at Spawn Seed (1.12+)

Jungle biomes are essential - with the new Bamboo, you can farm it infinitely to make an infinite fuel for the furnace & spawn near snow to have fun with some friends - or make an ice farm for your own!

There are quite a lot you can do with these seed, specially with the new items and updates included - specially for your Survival adventures!

Seed Features

A. Jungle Biome

  • The Jungle Biome features the new 'Bamboo-ed' area!
  •  Loot Samples: Farmable materials such as Bamboo, and Melon include

B. Ravine

  • Ravine has found out to be as deep as it reaches (Y Coordinate) 44-51
  • Loot Samples: Minerals & starter ores such as Coal, Iron & Lava included in the ravine.

C. Snow Biome

  • Colder than you think. This biome extends farther away than expected - and is just NEAR the world spawn.
  • Loot Samples: Snowballs from snow-layers, and Ice can be farmed.

 The three above features what can be found near spawn with this seed!

Nearby Village

 This is the nearby village for the seed. The village is surprisingly near a Jungle Biome as well!

 Useful details:

  • Coordinates: near -312 (y) -312
  • Biome: mixed with Jungle biome nearby!
  • Loot Samples: Compass

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