Published on December 18, 2021 (Updated on December 19, 2021)

Snowball Trajectory

As the name suggests, this resource packs helps you visualize where a snowball will land before you or others throw it by showing its trajectory/flight path. Somewhat accurate.It's useful for aiming/dodging snowballs during PVP and the Hive or just practice, because, you know.... you suck.


The flight path of the snowball appears from yourself and others when you hold a snowball, but they can't see it unless they have also enabled the resource pack. You can use it anywhere, but it might not be allowed on some servers, so just don't tell anyone :)

There is support for first and third person perspective, not sure why you'd use it for third person though.


Disclaimer stuff

  • accurate to 2°
  • only works for throwing upwards, nothing appears when you look downwards because budget is too low
  • the Hive has a different snowball trajectory than Minecraft's default (unknown reason) - very inaccurate for Snow Wars but fine for other gamemodes
  • might lag on some devices


screenshots if my description wasn't good enough for you




cool video



  • displays 25 points as particles
  • updates every even degree from 0° to 90° (etc. 0°, 2°, 4°...)
  • pain
  • hold snowball to show
  • first person and third person support (when you hold a snowball in third person, your character becomes see-through)

Possible Future Updates:

  • downwards aiming
  • more accuracy
  • more projectiles support


Created by NNCOS and Qazius

if you have any questions or ideas to improve the pack, my discord: qaz#9716


In case you are crashing while trying to join a world, go to 'Storage' in settings to delete this pack. I'm sorry but your device does not support the resource pack.

common sense below ⬇

if you want to showcase/share/modify/use the resource pack, just credit

also don't steal yay

Select version for changelog:

  • reduced lag significantly, and fixed the crashing problem
  • slider information



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4.86 / 5 (7 votes)
Can u make for ender pearls too, also for eggs and arrows, i mean, i rly want to use this pack more on pvp! The pack is already rly good tho
sooner or later someone will find a better method than what i have done (maybe you will)
im not actively working on this currently :(
This is great, but do you think you could also make it for enderpearls?
Never mind, I already did.
you can change the code to allow the thing to appear when holding an enderpearl
Can i use it in servers like cubecraft or hive?
probably not… but i doubt it anyone is gonna care
Лучше бы сделали для лука , ну и так сайдет , хоть что новое
It would be better to do it for the bow, well, and so it goes, at least something new
will not update for a while due to school, but you can try if you know how to do this addon thing
imagine making pacts for cheaters, what a loser
i am truly grateful for this heartfelt comment. you only remind me that even through our greatest adversities and the dwindling numbers that is the population of humans of intelligence above 0 IQ, there is a glimmer of hope beyond the eternal void of incompetent imbeciles who squander their internet benefits to infect society with their greed which is only satisfied by seeing meaningless numbers increase on their online profiles. however, to substantiate as to why i believe i am not a sad disappointment to my family, the pact was not designed with the intention of encouraging actual losers to gain unjust advantages in player combat, as such a usage is in actuality only dependent on how one decides to wield the weapon. there are a plethora of alternative applications of my (very good) pact. pls understand. i will cry.