Soul Land-斗罗大陆 (Android Mod)

This mod is based on the Chinese super popular novel “SoulLand”, which restores many objects and mechanisms in the SoulLand and adds a variety of weapons and tools,so that we can experience the magic of the SoulLand World in MineCraft.

We are “MineCraft” work Developer Studio “BlueMarkStudio” in China. This is the first work we contributed to MCPEDL. We will share more interesting works with you in the future. Welcome to download them.

Soul Land is a well-known Chinese novel with super popularity. This mod restores the weapons and articles in the novel. It has been downloaded millions of times in China.

Additional items:

·More than ten kinds of artifacts have different injuries

·Soul Ring(魂环):thousand:The soul ring is the object that falls after the creature is killed in Soul Land. According to the age of the creature, the soul ring falls in different years. In the game, the soul ring falls according to the strength of the creature. The higher the age of the soul ring, the more precious it is. The soul ring has ten years, one hundred  years, one  thousand years,ten thousand years,one hundred thousand years, one million years and “?” million years. Nine of the seven soul rings of the year can be synthesized into the next stage of soul rings. At present, the skills of soul rings are not available, but you can use them to synthesize some weapons and items.

·Soul guided gun(魂导炮):When you hold the soul gun in your hand, a button appears in the lower right corner. Click on the button to launch it.

·Zhuge God crossbow(诸葛神弩):Same usage as soul gun

·bucket armor(斗铠):Four pieces of bucket armor have been added. They are one-character bucket armor, two-character bucket armor, three-character bucket armor and four-character bucket armor. The higher the character is, the higher the protection level is. One-character bucket armor can be synthesized with some minerals for 100,000 years. All other armor synthesizations require a battle armor of the previous grade plus a million-year soul ring, three-character bucket armor and four-character bucket armor. Additional blood can be obtained by wearing a full set of combat armor.

·Soul land Ore(矿石):Killing creatures can fall off and be used for synthetic goods.

·Deify Enclosure(封神台):Click on a creature with a Deify Enclosure to seal it. Click on the ground to release the creature.

Interesting: Players will drop their soul rings for ten years at the place of death after they die.

There are more things to experience in the game. I hope you like this mod.

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  1. God says:

    I cant read this I can’t read Chinese or what ever this is

  2. Anonymous says:

    How do i get this mod

  3. Mr.minepro says:

    This is great although it has some flaws but other than that its pretty awesome

  4. Idea Machine says:

    No ideas here, expect Modpe Is dead…

  5. Ayaan malik says:

    I love minecraft because it,s the best game

  6. davidZHANG2671 says:

    this is cool!But win10 doesn’t a blocklauncher 🙁

  7. Anonymous says:

    Why the crud is this being uploaded now? 1.6 has been dead for years!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Why the crud is this being uploaded now? 1.6 has been dead for years!

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