Published on July 22, 2019 (Updated on July 26, 2019)

MeeThya's WorldEdit Mod (Android)

Do you wanna create huge buildings, untypical landscapes or make other great world changes? Then this mod is for you!

WorldEdit is an easy-to-use in-game world editor for Minecraft.

Not one mobile version of the mod is already known but at the moment the most multifunctional one is MeeThya's WorldEdit!

This mod is one of the closest to the original Albert Pham's (sk89q's) WorldEdit and functionally based on it but written from scratch in ModPE by MeeThya.

This mod adds a great amount of the original WorldEdit commands and functions, such as:

  • //help
  • //wand, //pos1, //pos2
  • //undo, //redo, //clearhistory
  • //set
  • //replace, //replacenear
  • //walls
  • //stack
  • /info
  • //copy, //cut, //paste, //rotate
  • /clearclipboard (added in v2)
  • //flip (added in v3.0)
  • //schematic (added in Final Release, makes and supports PC schematics!)
  • //[h]cyl, //[h]sphere
  • //[h]pyramid (added in v4.0)
  • //hollow, /pumpkins (added in Final Release)
  • /brush, /mat, /mask, /size (added in v2)
  • //limit (added in v2)
  • //sel, //shift, //expand, //contract, //inset, //outset (added in v3.0)
  • //generate, //line, //smooth (added in v3.0)
  • //deform, //move, //overlay, //outline (added in v4.0)
  • //forest, /forestgen (added in v5.0)
  • /floodfill, /repl, /cycler, /tree (added in v5.0)
  • //curve, //fill, //fillr (added in Final Release)

and others (total: 98 commands!). In short, almost all the commands from the original are added. And rest assured, they are usuable!

You can open a list of all the commands with /we help in v1 and v2 or with  in v5.0 and later ver.

Bonus opportunities (missing in the original on PC)

You can change the language with /we menu (added in v3.0, earlier versions Russian only), supported languages are Russian (default) and English

In v5.0 and later ver., this property exists in games / com.mojang / minecraftpe / config / worldedit / with some other changeable settings

You can post-edit signs with a simple tap on them (added in v4.0)

and generate the Nether Spire (undo-able, no holes!) with old nether reactor (added in v4.0) but then you need to set core (ID 247)

Thus download the mod and edit your world with it!

Supported version: any full version where BlockLauncher is okay

Recommended version: 1.2.x

Click here to watch review of each version (Russian)

Thanks MCPEHUB for helping with the development.

Select version for changelog:


Fixed some bugs, replaced file (without changing link), edited the description respectively.


Note: This mod works Android only (sorry, it doesn't look possible to make a mod like this for iOS or Windows 10 but I hope I'll find a solution to the problem).

  • Make sure you have downloaded and installed BlockLauncher for your Minecraft.
  • Download any version of the mod, make sure the file is in .js format.
  • Open your BlockLauncher.
  • Open BlockLauncher menu.
  • Select Manage ModPE Script, make sure it's turned ON.
  • Select + (Import).
  • Select Local storage.
  • Select the folder the mod is downloaded to (as a rule, Download folder).
  • Select the downloaded .js file.
  • Well done!

Supported Minecraft versions

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Can you please make this Addon for 1.16? Hopefully you can also make an iOS and windows 10 version of this addon as well. I want this addon.
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You should make another update for your addon where it is now available for iOS and Windows 10 and make the version of this Addon supportive for 1.16.
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Here are some Changelogs that you can add to your next update for your World Edit Addon

- Now supportive for 1.16

- iOS and Windows 10 download now available.
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Hopefully you can also add some minor updates to your addon to see if it works for 1.16 and if it now can support iOS and Windows 10.

If you read this feedback, please reply.
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I was meant to make it 5 stars.
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арвовлш овлващала
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Please update this to version 1.16.
I want this.

If you read this feedback, please reply.
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i can't download this it says an error
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Eh I’d say it when im done
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idk how to use a zip so make it mcpack please
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can u make it a mcpack please and for 1.16 bc id how to do that zip thing ima kidso please update that
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Not possible it 1.16
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PLEASE update this for 1.16 this is an amazing world edit mod and I will die if i cannot use it! Thank you!
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Pls update to support v 1.14 plsss
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it works for me
blocklauncher 1.14.1
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