Space Craft Addon (Updated!)

This addon adds new structures, decoration blocks, entities, crafting blocks, and more. The goal of this addon is to make Minecraft have more stuff about space, such as rockets, steel, more crafting tables, and more! Enjoy the addon!

Turn On All of the Experimental Gameplay Options For the Addon To Work!

You Have to Be in The Minecraft Beta ( or higher) For Most Of This Addon To Work!

I plan to update this addon so you might find bugs!

If You Find Any Bugs Please Report Them In The MCPEDL Comments!

You Can Suggest Ideas In The MCPLED Comments!


This addon adds a lot of blocks.

They are blocks for decoration blocks, ores blocks, crafting table blocks, and some used in crafting.

Asteroid Rock Block

The asteroid rock block is mostly used for decoration and building asteroids.

One of the ways to get the asteroid rock is to find it in the crashed meteors.

Also, there are different kinds of crashed meteors. There are three versions.

1 Meteors with diamonds

2 Meteors With Gold

3 Normal Meteors

The other blocks are just decoration. Here is a list of all the blocks.
You cannot get these blocks in survival yet. The only way of getting them is by typing /give @p spacecraft:[name of the block you want] or by typing /function Space_Craft. the function gives you almost every block in the addon.

The Mars Blocks

Mars Dust and Mars Rock Block.
The Mars dust is like grass but for the planet Mars.

The Mars Rock is like stone but also for the planet Mars.

The dust is the block on top and the rock is the block below it.

The Moon Blocks

The Moon Dust and Moon Rock Block.

The Moondust block is like the mars dust but used on the moon.

The Moon Rock is like stone but used on the moon.

The top block is the moon dust and the bottom block is the moon rock.


The rocket right now is for decoration purposes and does not work. I’m working on custom dimensions or at least close enough, so when I figure that out, The rocket will be one of the most important items in the addon. For now, you can sit in the rocket, and it will only be placed on the launchpad blocks. To get out of the rocket, shift.

He is what the rocket looks like!

Launch Pads

As you can see in the picture above, the rocket is on something. That something is the launchpad! The launchpad is used for the rocket to be placed on and launched from. You don’t have to build the launch pad, there is an item in the spawn egg section that automatically spawns the launchpad.

Here is what it looks like!

Custom Crafting Tables!

Yes, you heard it right, custom crafting tables! This addon adds two new crafting tables. These crafting tables can only craft special stuff, not normal stuff like a diamond sword. The two new crafting tables are the Advanced anvil and the NASA crafting table.

NASA crafting table

The NASA crafting table is used to craft rocket parts or rockets. The NASA crafting table can only be crafted in the Advanced Anvil.

Here is what the NASA crafting table looks like!

Here is how you craft the NASA crafting table. Remember that it can only be crafted in the Advanced Anvil.

Advanced Anvil

The Advanced Anvil is used to craft steel, steel plates, and more. The Advanced Anvil can be crafted in the crafting table.

Here is what the Advanced Anvil looks like.

Here is how to craft the Advanced Anvil.


The Hammer is used for crafting purposes. Right now the only thing you can craft with the hammer is the Advanced Anvil which is very important in this addon.

Here is what the Hammer and hammer crafting looks like.

Molten Iron And Molten Steel

The molten iron is the start of the addon. Molten iron is used for crafting purposes. It can be crafted by putting an iron ingot into a furnace.

Here is what the crafting looks like.

Molten Steel is what the Molten Iron is used for. Molten steel is also used only for crafting purposes. It can make the steel ingot.

Here is how you make Molten Steel.


Steel is the most important item in the addon for now. It is the item that can craft most things such as the NASA crafting table, or the rocket.

Steel Ingot

The steel ingot is used to make the steel plate. The Steel ingot can only be crafted on the Advanced crafting table. You use the molten steel to make the steel ingot in the Advanced Anvil.

Here is how to make the steel!

Steel Plate

The Steel Plate is used to make most of the stuff in the addon, including the NASA crafting table, rocket parts, and more. The Steel plate can be made in the Advanced anvil using a steel ingot.

Here is how to make it.

Rocket Parts

There are a total of three rocket parts for the basic rocket. The engine, rocket top, and fuel tank. All of them have to be crafted in the NASA crafting table. The list of rocket parts and how to craft the are below.

Rocket Engine

The rocket engine is one of the items used to create the basic rocket. The rocket engine is crafted by using steel plates, blaze powder, and Redstone

Here is how you craft it.

Rocket Top

The rocket top, as the name says, is the top of the rocket. It can be crafted by only steel plates. The rocket top is used only for crafting purposes

Here is how you make it.

.Rocket Fuel Tank.

The rocket fuel tank is the final piece used to craft the basic rocket. It can be crafted by steel plates. The rocket fuel tank is a block that you can place.

Here is how to craft it.

Rocket Crafting

You can craft the basic rocket using the rocket 3 rocket pieces. The rocket can only be crafted in the NASA crafting table. 

Here is how to craft the rocket. 

You can also craft the launch pad like this in the NASA crafting table.

There is also a function that gives you almost every block in the addon. The function is Space_Craft.

That’s It for now.

Enjoy the addon!!

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twitter: Minicookie1811


You cannot take credit for this addon.

You cannot look at or take the code of this addon.

You cannot repost this addon and say it yours.

You Can make a youtube video about this addon but you have to credit me.

Changelog View more

- Added NASA Crafting Table

- Added Advanced Anvil

- Added Molten Iron

- Added Molten Steel

- Added Steel Ingot

- Added Steel Plates

- Added Rocket Engine Item

- Added Rocket Fuel Tank

- Added Rocket Top Item

- Added Custom Items Model for The Rocket

- Added Hammer

- Added Crafting Recipes

- Fixed Bugs

-Added rockets

-Added Launchpads

-Added LaunchPad Mob

-Added LaunchPad Main

-Added new functions

-Fixed bugs

-Added addon Experimental mode


Turn On Experimental Gameplay For Addon To Work!
I plan to update this addon so you might find bugs!

For Mcaddon or Mcpack

click the files and if you have Minecraft it will open Minecraft.

put the addon in your world.

For Zip

extract the zip file and put the DAT file in the Minecraft behavior pack file.

Put the RES in the Minecraft resource pack file.

Open Minecraft.

Put addon in your world.

If you don't like the beta, but also want the addon, I put a download link for non-beta users, but it does not have the stuff in this update.


Supported Minecraft versions


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  1. Thirsd says:

    I forgot about rate.

  2. Thirsd says:

    If you’re going to make these planets, don’t forget about the space suit, without it the player will die after leaving the rocket.

  3. Xt777Br says:

    Hi I have a suggestion to create a dimension you could use a space from The end to create a moon there you could create near the farlands of The end then you create a barrier that prevents the player from going to The normal end and vice versa and Mars you could do in the same overwold. but as if it were a table biome and in the nether it was all venus close to the farlands, then it would add a 3-dimensional environment and you know that screen that appears when you go to The end then change it and put half The end and half moon and the same thing I hope you understand it is kind of complicated to understand is not to replace the dimension but to create one within a dimension It’s kind of complicated but I hope you understand

  4. Xt777Br says:

    Oi eu tenho uma sugestão para Criar uma dimensão vc poderia utilizar um espaço do The end para criar uma lua lá vc poderia criar perto da farlands do The end daí vc cria um barreira que impede o jogador de ir pro The end normal e vice-versa e e Marte vc poderia fazer no overwold mesmo. só que como se fosse um bioma de mesa e no nether fosse vênus todos perto da farlands daí adicionaria entorno de 3 dimensões e sabe aquele tela que aparece quando vai pro The end então altera ela e coloca metade The end e metade lua e no nether mesma coisa

    Espero que tenha entendido é meio complicado de entender não é substituir a dimensão e sim criar uma dentro uma dimensão

    É meio complicado mais espero que entenda

  5. Wow, quando estiver pronta será o addon mais incrivel de todos. Ei uma coisa que eu ia achar legal era ter um minerio marciano ou lunar ,poderia ser marsrite e lunarite que poderiam vir nos meteoros, só uma sugestão.

  6. Ammar khan 47 says:

    In the new beta you can add item in creative inventory please add all your items in creative inventory

  7. Lautaro Escalante says:

    Muy bien! se ve bien el mod segui asi!

  8. ArthritisGuy says:

    Please make a discord server for this, message me at ArthritisGuy#8615

  9. The infinite mind blower 7645 says:


  10. Mr.Grim Reaper says:

    Seems like this will be a good one,I support you,
    Suggestion: You have to upgrade the rocket to get to further planets.

  11. RoboWolfUwU says:

    Im not gonna Download it Now, but This Is Cool tho, just waiting for Final Ver.. keep it up

  12. Captain paperbag says:


  13. Maybe instead of adding a new dimension, maybe you could make the planets generate really high in the sky, and when your at a certain height in the sky, the sky turns black. Maybe using some sort of fog effect, or blindness.

  14. Disgr_Ace says:

    Im curious, So everything you’ve made here is extremely impressive don’t get me wrong, the future for this addon is bright, But how would it be remotely possible to make a new dimension with bedrocks limitations? Do you intend to overwrite and already existing one? Or is their gonna be another approach..?

  15. GibbsX says:

    I cant wait untill custom dimensions come to mobile then you can perfect this awsome addon

  16. 2 things. a: what addon creating software do u use? B: nice work and when u create the moon remember to have ice instead of water.

  17. payten sharks says:

    can you turn this addon to an bedrock edition glacta craft

  18. JARCA GAMES says:

    Podrias agregar cohetes y combustible de cohete para ir a la luna y ha marte.. si quieres que te cuente mas sobre mis ideas mandame mensaje de discord JARCA GAMES#4448

  19. Cant wait for the updates 🙂

  20. MrStriking says:

    It’s great to see a new space addon. I have some suggestions. Can u make the meteors very rare so as they don’t damage much built structures? Also can u add new mobs, ores, items, and a process to reach the space like building a spaceship or something like that. Finally, by new dimension, do u mean that u will replace the end dimension, or will create a completely new one that replaces nothing? Many thanks!

    • I will try to make the meteors rare, and also I have plans to add more ores, items, and mobs into the addon! The new dimension will be added when Minecraft lets add-ons create new dimensions, it will not replace any dimension it will be its own dimension that you need a rocket to go to.

  21. Bloodstalker says:

    Can u add some mobs?

  22. Hacksts12 says:

    Este complemento tiene futuro y estaría bien que agregaras algunos mobs(aliens)

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