Published on February 10, 2022

Sticky Hands

So the Caves and Cliffs update was very cool, but climbing up these huge cliffs or cave walls can be a bit difficult. Sticky Hands will help you climb up these walls with ease!

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idk if it is possible, but what if you made it to where there was a mix of both so you can climb when holding jump and when you tap while climbing then you do like a leap upwards. or if you can somehow stay stationary and look away from the wall you can jump a few blocks away from it.
But so far i rate 5 stars, i would rate above if i could so ty for the addon!
this addon are cool but when i look down and then spam jump i just fly. pls fix
the best addon i've seen so far, great keep creating good addons please 👌
botw be like:

jokes aside this pack is great
Esto es muy útil :D
This addon is very cool... really
Im request for you.create addon climb up but mob hostile other than spider 🤣🤣🤣