Published on May 04, 2019 (Updated on June 25, 2019)

Stormbreaker Add-on (With Lightning Chain)

Credits: Keyyard and V-Lemo

Can you wield Thor’s enchanted axe forged from Ura on Nidavellir…? This is the strongest weapon in Asgardian history and was forged (again) during the conflict with Thanos in Infinity War. It could even summon the Bifrost… Are you worthy? 

(Models/textures were all made by V Lemo (disneyfan_lemo) and used with his permission. Auto Enchants and Chain Lightning were made by Keyyard.)

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I don't takes to mediafire the most easy place change this
Can you make a mediafire one
Can you make the mjolnir?

Eu acho que o stormplay que vai funcionar se não funcionar eu quero que vocês têm um jeito
hey can you auto enchant loyalty and riptide (riptide isnt that important
This addon is not that bad(just make sure that the behavior pack and resource pack in one world and turn on experience gameplay) don't you guys read???????
Can you update this? Make it use on 1.12
I had it but litghning didn't summoned
Behavior pack. You need to put both in the world for it to work :D
I turned experemental gameplay
Does it work in
The texture wont change i did a review on it and it was just a trident
When I got it it didn't enchant...or summon lightning...
to answer all the frequently questions, these are answers:
1. You need to turn on Experimental Gameplay
2. Not YET work for 1.12
3. Not YET custom crafting
Does it work for 1.14?