Published on August 31, 2019 (Updated on August 31, 2019)

Super Death Run

Welcome to Super Death Run! In this map, you will try to complete an obstacle course while one player tries to sabotage the runners with dangerous traps! Can you reach the end? Download this map today!


  • SuperDeathRun.mcworld

Supported Minecraft versions

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dont work
It said import failed
LOOK COOL. :) (: (: (: :D
What do you mean by emailing the file yourself ?i play on an iPad/Tablet it’s says imported failed
That’s due to the new MCPEDL app not being out yet. Sadly I can’t do anything about this. If you have a computer, try downloading it there and emailing the file to yourself, but if you don’t, then I guess just wait until MCPEDL releases their new app.
what are the spawn coordinates?
Should be right below where you spawn in. In other words, at (0, 5, 0).
It doesn't spawn you at the lobby
it said import failed
Try emailing the file to yourself and downloading it from there, rather than just copying it to Minecraft (if you’re on a tablet). You should be able to copy to Minecraft directly once MCPE DL releases their new app.