Published on December 10, 2019 (Updated on December 10, 2019)

TF2 Skin Pack

This skin pack includes all the classes from the game called Team Fortress: 2. They are also identical to each other, making the skin pack more accurate to the game.

Team Fortress is a game about 2 teams: Builders League United (Blu) and Reliable Excavation Demolition (Red). Both of the teams have 9 classes you can choose from, all have different abilities. Also, you might be familiar with this game for being the least updated game form Valve, but it doesn't mean the game is bad, really. This skin pack has:


Red Scout

Red Soldier

Red Pyro

Red Engineer 

Red Demoman

Red Heavy

Red Sniper

Red Spy

Red Medic


and also the Blu Variants.

Select version for changelog:


- Improved description. 

- 9 - 3 - 6 -  


p:s This skin pack was suggested by my good friend Taco cat on Discord, Don't worry, I wont move on from CS.


Supported Minecraft versions

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Some of them have a weird black overlay
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These skins look amazing to me, but there's something missing. There are more human characters in TF2. Game or not, there are more characters in TF2. I suggest more skins/characters from TF2.
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“I fear no man, but that thing, it scares me”
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This is fake, and is stolen. There is another pack with the same skins and they have just been reposted. Please do NOT download this and get the other one so you don't support the wrong one.
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Sorry, i'm fucking retarded. I thought that it was copied because the demoman skins looked very similar.
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Guest-9566623369 May 11, 2020 at 7:04 pm
There's only a few errors in this skin pack:
1 The red engineer does not have the orange gaunlet
2 The blue engineer does not have the iron hand
3 The blue variant of the Medic does not have the simbol of farmacist blue, he haves it red
For the rest, it's perfect.
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blue engineers don't have iron hands
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Ta chido :v
It's Cool :v
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Can you expand further on the issue? Is the skin pack porting in Minecraft or nah?
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