Published on June 07, 2020

The Bridge PE

Hey guys, sorry for not posting some maps for a while. We need to take a break and find ideas for our new upcoming maps. As you guys can see, we got inspired to make this map from the server HYPIXEL [JAVA EDITION]. Shout out to them for their awesome ideas. So let gets started, this map call "The Bridge". This map is a pvp map for 1v1, so for those who like pvp, you should try to play this map. But remember, there will be warning you need to take care about. Then, make sure you read all the rules, credit and map info.


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I use direct links April 24, 2021 at 11:30 am
Direct link for the boys
The download doesn't work
I hate adfly
Want to bypass it? Simply go to ( ) to bypass it!
Want to bypass it? Simply go to (/ to bypass it!
Me too its just filled with NSFW ads
its sooooo ez to go through
Good Map! But
Please make a Direct download link
So we don't have to go through horrible ads
what adfly isn't that bad
u should be happy that its not linkvertise
someguyguyguyguy May 17, 2021 at 8:20 pm
linkvertize prob better all u need is afk for 10 sec and done