Published on April 02, 2020

The Easiest Parkour Map Ever by iStutter

This is my first map and I’m not the best at it yet. It’s a fairly simple parkour map made by me, iStutter. I’m planning on making more maps in the future, so stay tuned! DM me on Instagram any map ideas and I may do them. I’m working on an adventure map currently. 

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• Updated description for a better idea on what the map is like. 


  • Easiest-Map-Ever_1585861752.mcworld

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wow!!! I like this map
This is my most favorite map ever!!! I love this map I will rate it 5 stars!!
how do i play the world?
Just do the parkour controls of Minecraft are- WASD AND SPACE-BAR. And complete the map!!!
This is one of the best park our maps I have ever seen in mcpedl. It is easy and irritating. There are some points where you can cheat , like the prismarine level you can swim to the 2nd last platform. In many other levels you can touch the button from the ground lol. Otherwise the commands of lvl 10 is not finished and for the surprise too the commands don't work. Fix this and it is the best map in mcpedl!
impossible 4 block jump on the 2nd even if u run the whole thing u cant make it as someone who is bad at parkour who might wanna change that title
4 block jumps aren't impossible, not even close to impossible. You just need some practice.
Thanks man! My buddy he ain't so great with parkour and this is what I get! Thanks a lot B)