Published on January 12, 2021 (Updated on January 12, 2021)

The Ignited

"You regret what you did, Don't you?"

Welcome to Ignited, Mojang never touched on the burned lands but with this addon this brings so much to fulfill you're scorched side adding many new items, Blocks, Biomes, Mobs and more In this pack.

One warning do not to get burnt!


Listen to Me and you'll know everything


"Yeah, But this was an Accident I never expected that to happen"


Crisp - Burnt Zombies with a chance to Explode after death, They can swim In lava but when their In water they dissolve In to ash.

Drops - Ash, Burnt Flesh, Black Eye

Moth - Small Insect that found their Home In these lands.

Drops - Wing

Jawnead - Cute but built for Hunting, Trying to run from this Mob might result In death.

Drops - Tooth, Rib

Wanderer - Friendly Skeleton that trades your goods from these lands

Drops - Joker Box, Gold, Iron

"Well you can't go back now to prove your Innocence"


Ash - Powder used for crafting many Items

Crafting - three gunpowder In a line on the Crafting Table

Ashberry Seeds - Seeds to grow Ashberries

Ashberry - Berries that can give fire resistance when consumed

Black Eye - An Eye from Crisps

Burnt Flesh - Flesh that was burnt during the 'Incident'

Dead Moth - Recreation of a Moth

Crafting - Black Flesh In the middle with two Wings on both sides

Hafnium Ingot - Special Ingots found In the Burnt Lands

Crafting - Nine Hafnium Nuggets to create one Ingot

Hafnium Nuggets - Special Nuggets only found In Hafnium Ore

Hafnium Sword - A Special Sword dealing 7.5 damage but more durable than a Netherite Sword

Crafting - Combining a Diamond Sword and Hafnium Ingot together In a Ruined Table

Key - Unlocks Joker Boxes for better Loot

Crafting - Gold Block on the Bottom and four Gold Nuggets In a 2x2 on a Crafting Table

Gray Mushroom - Mushrooms found In the Land

Rib - Rib Bones from Jawneads

Ruined Bark - Bark from Ruined Logs can craft back Into logs with a crafting table

Tooth - Teeth from Jawneads

Wing - Wings from Moths

"I know. Unless I test my luck with the Devil"



Burnt Plains - Empty Lands with only leftover rocks and leaves after the fire

Scorched Forests - Filled Land with nature trying to recover from the attack years ago

"Well you have nothing else to lose, Go for It"



Ancient Cobblestone - Old Cobblestone from these lands

Crafting - Ash and Cobblestone In a Crafting Table

Ancient Carved Cobblestone - Old Cobblestone with markings on It

Crafting - Ancient Cobblestone In a Stonecutter 

Dark Leaves - Dead Leaves that can be cleared by pressing Interact

Ashgrass - Grass Covered In Ash

Dried Soil - Dried Soil only found In the Scorched Forest and can grow Ashberries On It

Hafnium Ore - Stone Containing Hafnium that can drop nothing or nuggets

Ruined Log - Destroyed Logs that aren't solid enough to make planks but drops bark

Crafting - Use four Ruined Bark In a 2x2 Area on a Crafting Table

Ruined Table - Used for many Exclusive Recipes 

Crafting - Ancient Cobblestone on the Bottom right, Paper on the Top Right, Ruined Log on the Bottom Left and Mushrooms On the Top Left In a 2x2 Area

Joker Box - Rewarding Boxes or Punishing Boxes this box can contain something good or bad and can be unlocked by a key pressing Interact

Crafting - Purple Wool Surrounding a Gold Block In a Ruined Table

Hafnium Block - Full Hafnium to show your Wealth

Crafting - Nine Ingots to craft

Extra - Use this Block In a Stonecutter to Receive an Empty Hafnium Block. With a Empty Hafnium Block Interact with an Emerald to get an Emerald Generator.

Please Read the Note In the Resource Pack for more Info on Updates to future packs

Hopefully you have fun with this Pack! - Lord Tomato

(sorry if this doesn't work on realms im trying to fix this sooner or later)

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Fixed Item Text 

Added a Recipe to Jokerbox

Deleted Minotaur


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Open It to download On to Minecraft

Apply Resource and Behavior on World Settings

And Play!


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Is there sound for the mobs or is that just my end
just a question, why does the zombie drop a black eye when in the picture it has a white eye?
Really good but i wish it took a little quicker to break the blocks...
No criticism best biome addon better than bioplentia
Oops didnt rate 5 sry
This looks great! I love the friendly skeleton idea! I was seeing it and the zombie is okay, although I think that you could change the texture a little bit, maybe not just black
If your planning on adding a boss, that would be epic!