Published on May 20, 2024 (Updated on June 12, 2024)

The Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Craft

Explore an incredible Minecraft map recreating "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time" from the Nintendo 64.Embark on an epic adventure filled with intricate puzzles, challenging bosses, and a captivating story. Experience Hyrule like never before in this meticulously crafted homage to a timeless classic !

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Version 1.2 :

  • Barinade now drops accordingly the Zora's Sapphire and a Heart Container upon defeat
  • Added spawnpoints at the beginning of Dungeons and Temples where the beds are located
  • Fixed typo from a bundle of arrows in the Shadow Temple



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Yooo, I just got the item, but I don't wanna spoil what the item is for anyone else. I can't believe it took me so many days, and I don't even know how to do it again.

Was it worth my time? Yea because I got nothing else to do. That puzzle really took a lot of my time and patience. But it was fun and frustrating.
Wow, you've done an incredible job! I'm truly astonished that you completed the entire Ice Temple. It's definitely one of the most challenging areas, and I have to say that being the very first person to finish it without any guidance is a huge accomplishment. Your patience and determination are impressive, and I'm so grateful that you took the time to tackle such a hard challenge. You should be incredibly proud of yourself! ^^

The item you earned is indeed powerful. It's made to give you a significant edge without unbalancing the rest of the game. I wanted it to feel like a true reward for your efforts.

I'm glad to hear you found the puzzle both fun and challenging, even if it was sometimes frustrating. I put a lot of effort into creating that area, especially when designing and programming what you see behind the giant gate, which I remember it took me more than a full month to make. Hearing your experience makes it all worthwhile!

If you haven't done it already, check out the Nordic village behind the mansion. It's a fun place to explore, even post-temple. While the loot there was meant to help before facing the temple, it's still a cool area to visit. You won't have to worry about fighting monsters there at night as you've released their lost souls.

Again, thank you so much for your time and feedback. If I ever create more puzzles in the future, I'll definitely consider balancing the difficulty to keep it fun and motivating. You're very close to completing the story now, and if you could finish the Ice Temple, the rest should be a breeze!

If there's anything I can help with or if you have more feedback, please let me know. Take care :D
For some reason Volvagia isn't taking damage from me. I tried resetting my minecraft to see if it was my lag, but it's still not taking any damage. Do i have to defeat it a certain way? I used the megaton hammer on it like whack-a-mole but it does nothing. I used the master sword and the bow, and it still did nothing. I'm sorry for the trouble btw i just like how the map is so accurate to the actual game. I just got done with the Forest temple and moved on to the Fire temple, but this boss is not taking any damage in the fire temple. Im not sure if im missing something because I haven't played ocarina of time in ages, but I remember some stuff.
Hello again! Rest assured, this isn't a bug or anything. In fact, to use to Megaton Hammer properly, you need to throw it off your inventory in the same way you use ocarinas in this world.

I have to admit that it's not very obvious and I might need to add a note in-game that's more clear. The reason why you can't attack Volvagia directly is because Bedrock commands aren't able to detect direct hits with a specific item. Hence why throwing the item is the only way I could make it "bonk" the dragon's head with the hammer.

Sorry about the confusion! And don't worry, I much prefer communicating here with you when you're stuck rather than staying stuck on a certain part of the map. Your messages are always appreciated and I'm always willing to give you a hand when you need it!
does this map have the biggoron's sword?
It does not, sadly... However, I've added a sidequest that you would probably love a lot more than this one 👀

I'm not spoiling you anything, but let's just say that to obtain a powerful item, both your mind and strength will be up to the test. This sidequest can be quite challenging but in the end, the payoff is huge!
Hey, im not sure if its the map or if its me but when i go to the future it's fine. But when i go to the past for a bit and try to go back to the future it doesn't work. Im just stuck in the past now and i cant progress after that. maybe its just me.
Hi! This is odd... I've tested the Temple of Time myself just now and apart from the Door of Time that was harder to open than in my other playtests, I was able to go back in forth in time with no problem. I just had to wait a few seconds next to the pedestral that holds the Master Sword.

Can you provide me a bit more info on the situation? Where were you at exactly in the map? Were you playing solo or in multiplayer? Does the map lag? This could be useful to know what part of the map might not be working correctly so that I can fix it later on.

For the moment, if you're truly stuck, you can write these two commands in your chatbar:
/tp @s ~ ~ ~2000
/tag @s add Adult

These two commands could potentially break the map, so use them only if you cannot access the Master Sword back at all.

Thanks for your time!
I was lagging a bit but not too much. I was also waiting in front of the master sword for 5 minutes straight but nothing happened. The only thing that happened was the beacon but nothing else happened. I assume it’s my lag causing this. Also thank you for making such a great LoZ OOT map it’s just like the actual game.
That's strange, that glitch never happened to any play sessions of my map and I'm wondering what could cause it. It could be on the client side and if so, there's not really much I could do to solve the problem to my knowledge, unfortunately.

Although, I've noticed that depending on the platform that you're playing the map on, the gameticks per second can vary drastically. Here's a comparison :
Mobile < Console < PC

I found out weirdly enough that if you have the chance to play the map on a realm server instead of on a local storage, the world would lag a lot less. It's important to note that this Minecraft service isn't free, but I'm offering the idea just in case if you want to play the map to the full experience and if you can afford the subscription as well.

Anyhoo, I'm happy to hear that you enjoy the map! :D
Okay, thanks for helping me, it helped me alot. And again thanks for this amazing map, probably the best map i played so far.
Hey its me again, I found out why I couldn't go to the past again. I skipped the beginning cutscene with Navi waking me up. I played the map again and dropped the book on accident and a cut scene played. Later on when I'm in the future, I could go back with no problems. So thank you for helping me before, but now I can fully experience the game without using commands to make me get to the next area.
Oh that's cool! I'm happy to hear the problem solved itself haha

The introduction book has been implemented near the very end of the project and we haven't really had the time necessary to test it thoroughly. I had no idea it would've caused this, I'm sorry about it!

Just wondering, have you been able to reach the ice cavern? I'm curious to know if you've found something new there :)
Yea I made it to the ice cavern, but the puzzles was hard. I also met Herbert the Polar Bear while exploring. I wonder what I missed? Ima go explore the ice cavern again. I'm interested to see what I miss.

Just wondering, is it inside the mansion?
Something is inside the mansion, yes! The Ice Temple has something hidden in it once you complete it.

Just know that if you have the skills and patience to finish the puzzles, there will be a prize waiting for you behind the giant door. To earn it, you will need to work for it!

To be fair, I've made the puzzles more complex than what I initially thought they'd be. If you give up on those, I won't blame you lol

Depending on the time that I'll get the equipment for it, I will most likely start to make a walkthrough series of the map to guide players in the map.

I'll try to cover that as soon as I can, but it will have to wait for a few months. In the meantime, you definitely have time to complete the temple for yourself if you want to do it!
Okay, time to spend a few hours on the puzzle. I'm not the best at puzzles, but eventually I will figure things out.
Hello there! I want to use your map for a playthrough series I'm making on YouTube! Am I allowed to do this? (With credit of course.)
Hiya! You can do that, absolutely! In fact, it's even encouraged to do it if you want to, as long as you credit the two original creators of the map :)

Thanks for asking, that's really appreciated ^^
how exactly do the ocarinas and their songs work, i've accidentally played sarias song and zelda's lullaby but don't know how exactly to play them when I need to. Speaking of zelda's lullaby It didn't give me the oot after talking to her and impa wouldn't to me out without talking to Zelda which I could no longer do so I assumed the oot was diamond horse armor and gave it to myself which worked, Will that cause me issues later on?
Hello! Thanks a lot for your comment, there's a few key points I'd like to point out.

Like many items in this map, the two ocarinas can be used by throwing them out of your hands. It's the only way I could find in Bedrock to make them interactable. Once the ocarina is dropped, you need to look at a particle around you. I believe that Saria's song is represented by a blue water drop and Zelda's Lullaby is represented with a white/blue flame.

Unlike in the original game, the two ocarinas have different purposes. While Saria's Ocarina plays general songs (most of them are learned as a child), the Ocarina of Time on the other hand can only play the Sages' songs that leads to Temples in the future.

If you haven't unlocked any of the songs on the ocarina yet, the dropped item will stay on the floor until you pick it up. That is the reason why the Ocarina of Time doesn't do anything at the moment, but it will come in handy as you progress the story. I wanted to limit the two ocarinas to have six songs each, just to not confuse players. That's one of the main differences I've made with the original game, but I do admit that it's a bit around the edges.

About the fact that you've accidentaly lost your Ocarina of Time, that's a small issue but can be corrected if you have OP priviledges on. You can write the following command in chat: ``/structure load "Ocarina of Time" ~ ~ ~``. This will allow you to have the named item back. Without it being named, you wouldn't be able to use the songs.

I found out recently by testing the map that Zelda doesn't give you the Ocarina of Time if you lose it and forget to speak to Impa. It can definitely be a softlocking problem, and I will fix it on the next update.

Again, thanks a ton for your feedback. It helps on improving the map! :)
why does nobody make Zelda Addons with modded enemies?
but its good
im not saying in rude way htw sorry
you must add the ocarina and mod this world to improve your self, if you don't know kidding, ask one of your friends, or even ask mrbeast
bruh we got minecraft zelda version before GTA 6 😑