Published on October 01, 2017 (Updated on December 21, 2021)

[1.9.5] Genecro's Supernaturals

The Supermaturals Add-on introduces new items, materials, blocks, and two factions of extremely dangerous mobs. Supernaturals are hostile toward any friendly beings they come across, and most of their stats have been drastically buffed compared to the usual vanilla Minecraft monsters! Most features are under development and may lack textures and will most likely have bugs, be sure to stay tuned for more updates in the future!

Updated: 21 December, 2021

Creator: G3NECRX (ZachMC) [Twitter, Discord, YouTube, TikTok]

Special Thanks:

  • IamBaalVeer#4244 - Playtesting & Bug fixing; and
  • All the wholesome people who helped me out develop The Vampires at Bedrock Add-ons!



Usage Conditions

You ("you," "player") are to follow these terms and conditions upon downloading and using the add-on packs, developed and published by GenecroMarX ("GenecroMarX," "G3NECRX," "ZachMC," "author," "I").


You are permitted to:

  • Examine the code and works to learn more about the creation and development of add-ons.
  • Change the code or works to suit your needs.
  • Use the add-on packs as you see fit in-game.

You are NOT permitted to:

  • Negate the accreditation of the original author.
  • Paste the direct download link, negating the MCPEDL page.
  • Take the author's code, works, and textures to republish them as your own.
  • Re-distribute the add-on packs or works elsewhere, without the author's approval.


"Genecro's Supernaturals" is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License by the author "GenecroMarX," also known as "G3NECRX," and "ZachMC." 

I shall take action if at least of these terms and conditions are not followed. 


[Posted exclusively on MCPEDL.]



How does it work?

It is the utmost importance to turn on all the "Experimental Feature" toggles before creating a world that uses both packs.

There are two playable modes that players can select by using the cogwheel icon at the Behavior Pack settings:

  • Normal Mode - Weaker Vampires and Werewolves, more reasonable Wandering Hunter trades, and decreased spawn rates.
  • Bloodlust Mode - Stronger Vampires and Werewolves, less reasonable Wandering Hunter trades, and increased spawn rates.
  • Subtle changes to the Vampire Boss can be observed from the two modes.
  • Bloodstone ores generate differently and are more uncommon in Bloodlust Mode.


Here is a list of the new items and blocks brought by the add-on pack:

  • Condensed Vampire Specimen - A special item dropped by Ghoullagers and Lesser Vampires, can be crafted into Bloodstone Shards.
  • Werewolf Claws - A special item dropped by Wereagers, can be crafted into Bloodstone Shards.
  • Bloodstone Ore - Naturally generated ores found on y-64 and below.
  • Deepslate Bloodstone Ore - Naturally generated ores found near bedrock.
  • Bloodstone Shards - A special item dropped by Greater Vampires, can be smelted into Bloodstone Gems.
  • Bloodstone Gem - A special item dropped by Bloodstone Ores when mined. Can also be dropped by Bloodstone Golems.
  • Holy Water - A special item that can only be obtained by trading Bloodstone Gems with the Cleric Villager.
  • Purified Bloodstone Shards - A more stable version of Bloodstone Shards, something the vampires haven't achieved due to their limitations. Can only be obtained by defeating the Vampire Boss.
  • Purified Bloodstone Gem - A more stable version of Bloodstone Gems, something the vampires also haven't achieved. Can be obtained by smelting Purified Bloodstone Shards using the Blast Furnace.
  • Vampire Head - A mob head dropped by the Vampire Boss upon death, can be crafted into a Buffed Vampire Head.
  • Block of Bloodstone - A block crafted using Bloodstone Gems, is a decoration.
  • Purified Block of Bloodstone - A block crafted using Purified Bloodstone Gems, can be crafted into a Sorcery Table.
  • Sorcery Table - A new type of workbench that offers new recipes to aid players on their journey!
  • Purifying Stake - A special weapon that is powered by Purified Bloodstone, only effective on normal vampire variants. This is a temporary replacement for pre-Netherite set gameplay. Can only be crafted by using the Sorcery Table.
  • Buffed Vampire Head - Gives potion effects that last for as long as the item is equipped. Can only be crafted by using the Sorcery Table.

Side Note - All recipes are automatically listed on the recipe book, if the required materials are in the inventory.


Here is a list of the new entities and their abilities:

  • Bloodstone Golem - Fierce killing machines that dwell in the deep dark caves and are powered by Bloodstone. These Warden wannabes are fast and strong, you better not mess with them!
  • Wandering Hunter - These traders will randomly spawn around the overworld to aid you in your battle against the Supernaturals.


Vampires Faction

  • Lesser Vampire - Increased health, attack damage, and movement speed.
  • Greater Vampire - Has higher stats than Lesser Vampire, inflicts "Wither" effect per hit.
  • Shapeshifter Vampire - The Shapeshifter variant has the ability to transform into a Vampire Bat for the price of having slower movement speed and lower attack damage. Transformations may vary from Vampire Sheep to Vampire Bats, both mobs are almost undistinguishable from their usual vanilla Minecraft counterparts.
  • Ghoullager - Vampire Villager variant, weaker stats and has less smarter AI.
  • Cursed Statue - The very remains of the Vampire Boss that had once roamed the overworld. Interact using Purified Bloodstone Gems to unleash the beast!


Vampires are hostile toward players and most land-dwelling mobs. They are incredibly fast so there's really little possibilities of being able to escape them, making every encounter an "offense is the best defense" scenario.

However, they do have weaknesses! Vampires burn in the daylight, but they burn faster in the lava, so make sure you always have a lava bucket around!


[BETA] Werewolves Faction

  • Wereager - A new Villager variant that spawns anywhere during the day, is hostile at night time.


Werewolves are only hostile during the night, they transform back into their human/villager forms as the sun rises. They have more health than vampires but has less damage. They do not have any other weaknesses besides killing them during the day or by stabbing them using the Purifying Stake.


(Vampire Boss Domain, naturally generated structures.)

(Lesser Vampire)


Planned Features

  • Introduce Bloodstone and Purified Bloodstone magic.
  • Implementation of more Werewolf variants.
  • Implementation of the Werewolf King.
  • More Sorcery Table recipes.
  • Better mob and icon textures.
  • Better sound effects.
  • Optimization.

Select version for changelog:

  • Relocated "Genecro's Supernaturals" to an older webpage. (Thanks Orale!)
  • Tons of hotfixes, most issues are resolved for now.
  • Introduction of two new modes, "Normal" and "Bloodlust".
  • Optimized the back-end structure.
  • Files directory changed. Be sure to delete the older add-on packs upon using this newer version.
  • Wandering Hunter is no longer an experimental mob.


  1. Download the Resource and Behavior .mcaddon(s) by using the provided links below.
  2. Open the notifications bar/panel and find the download status of the .mcaddon(s).
  3. Once finished, tap/click the newly downloaded .mcaddon(s) and it will automatically redirect you to Minecraft: Bedrock shortly after.


Device Requirements

  • This add-on is low-end phone-friendly as it doesn't require high processing power to run custom entities.
  • Boss battles may cause performance fluctuations.

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

Having the Belmonts' Vampire Killer whip aka the Morningstar whip would be so cool to have
any way to make the werewolf's spawn less?
Yessir! I'll be adjusting the spawn rates for both Normal and Bloodlust mode ins the next update. Afterall, the werewolves are still under beta stage.
Update - This page is now the official page for Supernaturals project.
MineTechnicalStudios November 25, 2021 at 5:12 am
Very cool and underrated!
This page is going to be updated and the "newer" page will be removed.
I am currently updating this add-on, will release soon!
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Maybe you could add that you can become a vampire if a vampire bites you. And you'll have the ability to morph into a bat and such. But good job!
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Raptop, the velociraptor omolsake December 27, 2021 at 4:17 pm
already have a addon, but i forgot the name
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Hello! I think that this is a GREAT add-on. The thing that I would really like to see that would make this add-on the best would be when a Vampire bites you, you become a Vampire too! It would be epic and hope you take the suggestion. Bye, and have a nice day :-)
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