Published on May 01, 2019 (Updated on May 04, 2019)

Time Stuck

Time Stuck is an unforgettable adventure where you've been stuck in a certain time which you need to stop to move on. Now you'll have to complete the challenges to break the looped time, to break the Time Stuck!

[STORY]: You are alone in a current train station called Clockwork. And you are about to go to the next station called Freeland. But something unnecessary happened, you've been stuck inside the time. You need to continue looping the time to end it. Now it's your TIME to do it, to stop the Time Stuck.


P.S. this map was created in 2016 so some features might be from the older version. But this is now updated with version "1.11".

*this is not a parkour challenge for Unspeakable if you recognized me*

Enjoy! ^^

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*Mcworld file fixed*

Thanks for playing

Hope you enjoy ^^


Extract. Move folder to games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds


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4 / 5 (3 votes)
Very little work put into the map, cool concept but all it is is riding on a cart for 5 minutes until you jump across a couple blocks and walk through a poorly designed and easy maze.
never mind! I was able to find the ending. Loved this short adventure, hope to see more
Map is a little confusing , I got to the Key Of Freedom and I understand that you meant it to take me back to the station but uhh I’m not sure what to do from there ? . I do like your concept though, good job. definitely messes with the mind.
Hey um, whenever I tried to import in to Minecraft via the .mcworld file, it kept saying "Level import fail." Can u please fix that?
Thanks for telling me that, the fixed file is ready to be uploaded. After the next next update, the fixed .zip is pending. Sorry for that.
How did you fix the file? I'm having trouble with my own map (Google Pac-Man) and it's very frusturating. Can you please tell me how to fix it?
Um the is not working it says import failed
Sorry about the error, it'll be fixed after the next next update. Thanks for understanding...
Yet another Brother May 01, 2019 at 6:31 pm
Is this multiplaer or singleplayer? asking for a brother
It's for both multiplayer and singleplayer. But if you're having a problem about the spawnpoint at the start of the map, you could use /tp or make your spawnpoint. Also there might be some problems with the minecarts, you what that is, it bounces to each other if played in multi.
I almost forgot, if you wanna play the map, download the .mcworld, the .zip file isn't updated yet. I'll fix the .zip file next next update.
Yet another Brother May 01, 2019 at 6:32 pm
i did not mean to press two stars! i am sorry, have a five star as me being sorry.
dont work for me
Try the .zip if you haven't or try the .mcworld if you tried the .zip and didn't work.
I take that back, download the .mcworld file only and not the .zip, for it is updated yet, I'm about to fix it next next update. Thanks.
Can you play multiplayer in this map
Yes, but expect for the problems with the minecarts when played in multiplayer, bounces to each other. But not a big problem at all. Enjoy ^^
If you wanna play the map, download the .mcworld ony and not the .zip, the zip isn't updated yet. I'll fix it next next update. Sorry for inconvenience.