Published on October 23, 2020 (Updated on October 23, 2020)

UHc 4.0 (16 Scenarios and More)

Bringing the world uhcs on the next level with this add-on. Up to 50 players can enjoy this uhc with scattering, moving border, spectatesystem etc. and creating your custom game with own decisions about configs (when the border shrinks e. g.), teamsize, scenarios and extra settings.


As their are too much things to show I won't write here about the setup. You can use this video guide for the setup:

Note: This uhc is designed for playing it also competitive. Therefore you need the host to spectate. 


When you are creating the game you can choose between different configs. Here is a quick overview: 

Rush Config:

Final Heal at 10 minutes 

Turning PVP on at 20 minutes 

Border 750 at 30 minutes 

Border 500 at 35 minutes 

Border 250 at 40 minutes 

Border 100 at 45 minutes 

Endborder 50 at 50 minutes 

UHC 3.0 Config: 

Heal at 10 minutes 

Final Heal at 20 minutes 

Turning PVP on at 20 minutes 

Border 750 at 45 minutes 

Border 500 at 50 minutes 

Border 250 at 55 minutes 

Border 100 at 60 minutes 

Endborder 50 at 65 minutes 

UHC 3.0 Config (One Heal):

Final Heal at 10 Minutes 

Turning PVP on at 20 minutes 

Border 750 at 45 minutes 

Border 500 at 50 minutes 

Border 250 at 55 minutes 

Border 100 at 60 minutes 

Endborder 50 at 65 minutes 

Pardox Config:

Final Heal at 10 minutes 

Turning PVP on at 20 minutes 

Border 750 at 40 minutes 

Border 500 at 50 minutes 

Border 250 at 55 minutes 

Border 100 at 60 minutes 

Endborder 50 at 65 minutes


And for the scenarios here is a list of all scenarios with a quick explanation:

Vanilla+: doubles the apple rate (default 5,5%) to 11% 

Peaceful: no mobs and no food necessary

Enchantless: you can't gain xp but each kill will give you 5 levels 

NoClean: you can't get cleaned by anyone for 15 seconds after you killed someone

NoFall: no fall damage

CutClean: auto smelted ores 

Fireless: no fire damage 

Hasteyboys: all tools will get efficiency 3 

Timebomb: if someone dies a chest will be spawned with a head in it and the items on top of it. The chest is going to explode after 30 seconds

Diamondless: you can't mine diamonds but you will get two diamonds per kill 

Bowless: bows can't be crafted 

Rodless: rods can't be crafted 

Shields: you can craft shields 

Limitations: you can just mine 64 iron, 32 gold and 16 diamonds 

Blooddiamonds: you will lose 1/2 heart if you break a diamond 

Doubleores: you will get 2 ores instaed of 1 (iron, gold and diamonds)


All players get scattered over the whole map (2000x2000). In team uhcs the team will be scattered together and vip players can set the approximate position for their team (coming later to this). Don't forget that minecraft has some problems with the spreadplayers command, so it is recommended to use a map with no ocean.


The vip rank was implemented for the supporters of the project. As a hoster you can choose whoever the rank should get. Therefore you can look at this tutorial:

And here you can see the advantages of the vip rank. For me it was important to not give people real ingame advantages like starter equip e. g.

With this item you can add 1 scenario to the uhc. 

But don't forget: only 2 VIPs can add a scenario!

With this glasses in your inventory, you can choose your scatterposition. Just try it through dropping!

Also you have much more choices for the noclean particles. When selecting it you will see them around you for a short amount of time! (NPC can only be used in the waiting time)


As a spectator you will get certain notifications about:

-someone finding gold

-someone finding diamonds

-someone fighting

The "RandomTP" item teleports you to a random player. The host has also the item "Clearlag" which clears all items on the map after a 60 seconds countdown. Also he has the ability to freeze players. Freezed players can't attack, can't get attacked, move or place. Also there is a complete bansystem. If you need it you can watch this guide:

Host Tools

Many more custom /function commands are avaible for the host. Just execute /function help for a brief description of every command. For the winner command there are more information contained in this guide:


The border shrinks until it reaches the 50x50 mark. Dependent on the config it differentiates when it begins etc. Before the border shrinks there is also a bordercountdown in the chat so every player is ready when they perhaps get teleported. 

Final Words

There are plenty of things this add-on also includes but it is too much to list everything here. Don't forget that every item only gets activated when dropping it! This is unfortunately the only way to detect currently.

Even though I performed the most work on the project with writing over 4200 commands, creating over 350 files and doing over 250 hours of work I want to give credits to some of the other people I had to inspire by because myself wasn't able to do it:

MZLP [Owner and Developer]

Diamantrios [Builder]

LikeINVZ [Builder]

MajestikButter [Hovertext]

Lifeisagame [Helper]


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Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

at 556 there is written checking if language avaible I wait but nothing happens
This is a great addon to use to host a UHC! I gave it a 5 star because it *was* working perfectly fine and awesomely, but it does not work on 1.17, as it stops while looking for a language at 556. Hopefully this gets fixed soon!
It is broken, can you please fix it for 1.17
It gets to around 250 and stops this occurs every time plz help
My bad, it diesnt stop at 250, it stops at 556, it is super annoying, help.
Is there a way that I can get the shrinking border part only? I don't want to ruin a world with UHC stuff I don't want when I just want one thing.
Nice mod, but if you are the host can you still play in the UHC
actually not because the uhc is made for competetive and fairplay which can't be guaranteed when nobody’s spectating :/
i found a bug so my os is windows (10) and when i follow the instructions it stops at 420 completion
Yes, this is actually a bug from minecraft. You repair it when you go into the commandblock and change Redstone to "Needs Redstone" then close the GUI. After that you open the commandblock again and turn it back to always active. If you have any other issues you can watch the setup guide in the upper part of the description :)
Its Great But How Do I Start I Know Theres A Guide I Have Doned It But it just says " U HAVE NO PERMISION TO USE THIS COMMAND " sorry im bad at english xD
maybe you used the wrong command (/function setup is the right one) or you forgot to turn cheats on. Maybe check your world settings :)
Ok Thank You I Did /frunction Start xD the cheats turned on to i did what in the setup guide xD btw thank you
I’m on iOS and it won’t import from Readels documents, help would be appreciated.
It looks reeeeeaaaalllly cool tho!
Hey, sure I will help you :)
I would just need some more information about your problem. Maybe one of the install guides here will help you too! If you really want help you can write me on Twitter and send me some screenshots displaying the issue :D
Thanks! I’ll try looking into it!
Nvm got it working, thanks for the help tho!
You put a lot of work into this, you definitely should get some support!