Published on July 03, 2019 (Updated on July 31, 2019)

UIPack Desert Beta

UIPack Desert introduces a new look that is simpler, more aesthetically pleasing, and optimized for Full Screen Display devices! When you use the UIPack, you can feel our ingenious design and our painstaking work.

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UIPack Desert 3.0 Beta 2

We made more optimizations and changes based on Sea, and we also ushered in the long-awaited dark mode!

Start Screen

  • New design (unfinished)

Settings Screen

  • Fixed Add-Ons data background color

Inventory Screen

  • "?" button in Pocket mode will not display the prompt icon now.

Game Control Screen

  • Fixed the problem that the touch device inventory button icon disappeared


Known issues:

  • Some devices may have serious problems or even start the game. It is recommended that some devices turn off "screen animation".


  • Re-adjusted interface color matching

Known issues:

  • The game's native return button is misplaced.
  • The chat screen crashes on some devices due to too many alpha objects.
  • Some screen popup_dialog objects cannot be displayed and function.


  • UIKit has now been promoted to the core of the system



Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

can not be used🥺
This is no longer updated. I messaged the creator and he said he’s no longer updating it cause he’s on MacOS and he has no way to test out the pack
M1 is coming..
Guest-5991232742 May 11, 2020 at 2:02 am
The ui is undeniebly gorgeous but can you please make an update for the latest versions of minecraft: 1.14.60, 1.15, 1.16
Thanks :))))
Guest-8587333862 May 08, 2020 at 1:33 am
don't work
Uhhhh, excuse me creator? But in 1.14.6 the Global Resources page just done right goofed. It ain't looking right, all the packs are squashed on the same kind of place. If you could fix here bug, I am more happy than a cat and a cat nip. Thanks!
Uhhh nevermind I fixed it
This pack breaks minecraft 1.16!
Guest-6258191224 May 15, 2020 at 8:57 pm
From the upload date, this can make newest minecraft error.
This is a great resource pack, but I found 2 bugs, one is that I can't press the join realm button, it doesn't work, and two is when I try to change my global resources all of the packs are in one spot, so I can't change the global resources, but overall, wonderful pack!
Just dessert in my minecraft.

There is no button

Just dessert.


I cant play my minecraft again. :)
Guest-4077419470 May 08, 2020 at 1:39 am
you're over reacting dude, u can just delete the file
Guest-6144468487 May 15, 2020 at 8:58 pm
Using a mouse and keyboard,kid
Just dessert in my minecraft.

There is no button

Just dessert and nothing button.


I cant play my minecraft again. :)
can you fix this The property '/header/min_engine_version` must have a value set less than `1.13.0`. To use a higher version, you need to use format version 2. minecraft says it when i put it on can you fix this plz
setting menu bug in windows 10 version
It's awesome!

PLS update.
Hey could You update this for the character creator It would be awesome!
it says The property '/header/min_engine_version` must have a value set less than `1.13.0`. To use a higher version, you need to use format version 2.
Me too. I go to do something, if don't work we need to contact the creator of this ui pack.
On twitter, the creator said that he'll possibly stop development of UIPack.
It's was so nice and beautiful but I can't use dark mode
Plz fix for dark mode
I love this gui