Published on June 14, 2020 (Updated on January 06, 2021)

Ultimate Tools Addon (1.16) Update!

Hello there. Meet Ultimate Tools! this is a plugin. adds 2 new items to your game. Both are very powerful items. one breaks what is not broken, and the other destroys what is not destroyed in one shot. We also used the ultimate sword in starfury texture. It looked beautiful too. Stay alert at any moment. good luck 😇

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-New Linkvertise links added!


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Can u do 1.16 pls!!!
This is 1.16 retard
you straight up stole the starfury texture from terraria.
i don't care what people say but love this addon
changed my mind won't work on 1.16 better update this addon or i'll send fbi on your house
I picked a random texture. and it is royalty free because it is in that texture program.
You Stole starfury sword texture from terraria and you did not have permission from the dev.delete this addon!!!
my friend! I chose a random texture. I can't change it because I think it's nice to have a part of terraria in minecraft.
bowsarebetterthancrossbows June 16, 2020 at 4:26 am
why did you nick terraria's starfury for the second sword?
Use Mediafire plz
Yeah I agree with everyone why did you use the starfury texture from terraria
I did not understand what you said. can you say more clearly?
why’d you steal a texture from terraria?
I just came down to the comments to see that people notice it was a starfury who here was hyped that last prism has a rivel now all we need is for summoner gunner and archer to get a buff(lol will never happen :,( big sad) and yes celebration mk2 is will get pumbled by last prism and zenith dont conpare dont compare.
What the flip is star fury doing in minecraft
Yeah that’s definitely a Starfury.