UltraMax Shader

A shader pack that subtly change the way you look at Minecraft.

This shader pack is aimed to improve some of the basic lighting and visual projections by introducing a very unique way of rendering it in its own way. Colors are more vibrant, surroundings are more atmospheric, and even the overall gameplay.

Have a shader nice and pretty, basic makes unique.

Proudly presented to you by Ultra Shader Foundation.

Due to changes in entity rendering methods, this shader pack can only work on version 1.14 and above.

My shader pack is designed to ONLY WORK ON RELEASE VERSIONS NOT BETA VERSIONS because I’m too lazy to sign up for beta plus beta versions are tend to be unstable anyway…

UltraMax Shader have been confirmed to not be compatible with majority of Adreno based GPUs. If your phone is a Snapdragon chipset or has an Adreno GPU, unfortunately this shader pack is not for you… Unless somehow I find a way to fix it…

Identifying Compatibility:
To identify whether or not this shader is compatible with your device, check your character skin in the home menu:

If the character is invisible, that means this shader pack is incompatible with your device. In some rare cases, you may have the character render properly but the rest of your world seems out of place. From here, proceeding the use of this shader pack is at the user’s risk…


Have a look at some screenshots I captured here.

Monochromatic effect when raining.

Monochromatic filter will not affect entities and banners:

Monochromatic filter will no longer affects your experience underground:

Chroma Selection Box:
– Not affiliated with Razer,
– Only applicable to Chroma version of the pack.

New wave rendering method (Best watch in-game):


Dimension views:

Improved beacon beam:

UltraMax Shader now have shadows!.. Although previous implementation is just generic Minecraft Shadow…

Shader based sun and moon! And it’s squared!

Pictures taken are from Windows 10 edition of Minecraft. For further information, please read the Terms and Conditions included with the pack or contact Ultra Shader Foundation via email at [email protected]

Changelog View more
  1. Updated resources to version 1.14+.
  2. Fog now renders closer to player when raining. Note that this effects also applied underground and when facing down. Going to fix that one once I have a proper fix for it.
  3. Shader based, squared sun and moon.
  4. Exposed last versions of UltraMax Shader under one single link for backwards compatibility and last working version reference. Take note that Ultra Shader Foundation no longer provide last version support for any issues arise apart from using them to determine the current issue.
  1. Updated screenshots... as always...
  2. Cleaned up redundancy codes.
  3. Migrated Terms and Condition to a PDF file included in the pack.
  4. Added shadows.
  5. Updated pack manifest to use 1.13 format.
  6. Some minor tweaks and changes, have nothing to do with performance and compatibility improvements.

0: Again, got an update for the featured image...
1. Updated code source.
2. Fixed transparent objects not rendering properly for Mobile platform.
3. Fixed water rendering with new method, see for video.
4. Removed redundant files (help reduce pack size).

0. A bit of an update to the displayed image...  

1. Fixed underwater rendering bug,  

2. Fixed water glitch. However, you will see apparent slices at chunk borders. All of this due to a problem caused by Minecraft which I have no power to fix it entirely...  

3. Improved beacon light beam,  

4. Improved torch light rendering (From UltraMin Shader, also check it out if this shader fails to render on your device...),  

5. Improved download link (Included a download guide in installation description...),   

6. Includes more download option for Chroma, Black or White selection box variant.  

7. Removed entities and banner monochrome filter (because there's no way I can do the same with how I do on terrain monochrome filtering),  

This version will be the last update on UltraMax Shader. If any of you encounter bugs or glitches, I can only provide individual support on both troubleshooting and bug fixing. I won't be uploading a new update with bug fixes until either I recover motivation on making Minecraft Bedrock Edition shaders or until Render Dragon releases or Minecraft got a complete overhaul on the graphic engine et cetera et cetera...  

Completely removed old codes, completely revamp current codes, completely revisited new codes.

1. New Chroma Selection Box (Not affiliated to Razer).

2. New Monochrome filter when raining,

    Notable issues: In some conditions, the filter seems to glitched when looking at sunrise and sunset. On the other hand, when in caves or under low light environment, sometimes the filter kicks in. If you did experience this problem, don't worry. I am currently working on a fix for that.

3. Added waves (Early development).

4. Changed night code, now night time is (a lot) darker than since new night implementation.

5. Changed tone map gamma, find out a perfect gamma value from experimenting with Desmos.

6. Updated splashes.json.

7. Updated Terms and Conditions. Please read the terms and conditions if you're planning to use UltraMax Shader other than normal game play.

Updated the shader pack resources to 1.12 resources. That means this shader pack is now incompatible with previous versions of Minecraft.

0. New screenshots to showcase the new updated graphic rendering.

1. New light rendering method (Open for further improvements).

2. New night rendering method (Implies above description).

3. Changed lightning color slightly.

4. Changed particle color slightly.

5. Removed old unused items from the pack previously used for backwards compatibility and code troubleshooting.

6. Fix horse model (by defining a "min_engine_version" to 1.12 in manifest.json)...

7. Fix fog colors doesn't match sky fog color.

8. Fix beacon beam color distortion, and improved it more.

9. More download links (MediaFire and OneDrive).


1. New night code, slightly brighter night, ever so slightly brighter cave...

2. White selection box in relation to dark caves.

3. Reorganized and updated functions,

0. Updated the image description... :D

1. Reverted cloud to vanilla cloud (requested by many).

2. Remove vignette due to issues.

3. Fixed banner rendering fog incorrectly.

4. Modified more death message,

5. Disabled all links to previous versions. Should any of you want to use the older version, contact me via my Twitter or Gmail.

If you experiencing a severe lag while using this shader pack on Windows 10, immediately report it to me via Twitter or Gmail with your computer specifications included. I am experiencing this problem after updating to 1.11.4 and still have no idea what could cause this to happen.

1. Fixed Sun and Moon render as white square in the sky. (This is an experimental version and not a proper version. Sorry...)

2. Fixed Villager profession skin not rendering in the new update. (Outdated code)

3. Introduce custom death message. (Not important)

For the next update, all links to the previous version of UltraMax Shader will be removed. Should any of you want to download the previous version, you have to contact me via Gmail to get access to the old version. Links given will have expiry duration.

1. Fixed Windows 10 Edition cloud not rendering on some devices (hopefully)...

2. Separated functions to its unique files for easier editing.

3. Added new splash text and loading message (which is not necessary)...

4. Optimized custom noise sampling.

5. New fog algorithm.

6. Introduce new bugs and glitches as well...

7. Migrated from Google Drive link to MEGA link instead because of MEGA's huge cloud storage capacity.


Downloading Guide:

  1.  On PC, click the link. You will be redirected to OneDrive cloud storage service.
  2.  In the directory, choose your desired pack version. Clicking the zip files will download them, clicking the mcpack files open up a preview. There will be a download button there.
  3. On Mobile, same ordeal...


Supported Minecraft versions




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Installation Guides

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321 Responses

4.1 / 5 (184 votes)
  1. MrBaconPlaysMC says:

    Is this supposed to be a vanilla shader?

  2. Mimilicious says:

    I always use this shader because I love it! But the banners are invisible and I hate a little bit there is grey fog when I look down. If the fog was less foggy and the banners are visible, I rate the shader 5 hearts and share this to my people.

    • Mimilicious says:

      For people who have issues with the banners who is invisible:

      go to games/com.mojang/recsource_packs/UltramaxSh/shaders/hlsl and rename the file banner.fragment and banner.vertex to banners.fragment and banners.vertex. It’s just the letter s. It’s actually working.

  3. Epic AdiGamerBoy says:

    when it was available, it worked on my snapdragon 425 but it was laggy lol
    the download link is now not working, I uninstalled my whole Download Folder so I needed to install this again, but now I am using ReBuilt Shader 😀

  4. RadicalRaptor says:

    To everyone asking for an update, they made a new shader called rebuilt shader, so check that out

  5. Guest-2086241945 says:

    Can someone tell me how to eliminate the movement of the plants and that the water is flat pls

  6. Guest-3366099421 says:

    Please fix the error.banners are invisible after activating this shader.I really want to continue using g this shader so please

  7. Guest-2311748664 says:

    PLSS just update and fix something don’t change anything like the lights and do not add shadows cuz it’ll LAG just UPDATE THIS PLS HUHU LOL

  8. Guest-4660563474 says:


  9. Guest-6096772499 says:


  10. Smash1369Alex says:

    Is a great shader for very low devices of every kind but it would Excelent if you do the light a little more bright, cause is kind of to dark, thats the only change i recomend you

  11. Guest-3799627538 says:

    I wish there were a version without the water waves and foliage and plant waving, really good shader though and runs really well on my potato phone.

  12. FrostingBit says:

    Leaves looks weird, add options to disable features.

  13. Guest-5687645033 says:

    black or white version whats the differince

  14. Guest-7242729353 says:

    can you add shadows to this shader? I really like this shader

    • Guest-2096420903 says:

      the point of the shader is so there is no shadows because its supposed to be a simple shader that just helps with lighting not shadows

  15. Guest-1737783960 says:

    works with mcpe beta?, i know that this shader doesn’t support with beta versions but a lot of mods support with my version.

  16. Guest-8616985616 says:

    It looks really nice! The game is not denaturated, it just adds what is needed.

  17. Guest-4362301446 says:

    I really don’t think the leaves juggling and water waves will work. It looks kinda weird. If you make the waves and leaves effect not moving so much and slow, it will be much better because the bushes looks really weird. :))) hop you fix soon

  18. Guest-7198524503 says:

    This Shader is awesome, I’ve recently downloaded Windows 10 on my Macbook Pro since my old computer was too slow. Bedrock is optimized much more than Java so being able to run such a beautiful shader without any struggle from my computer is great. I tried a bunch of other shaders on the website and this one has looked the best so far, literally nothing I can find wrong with this pack. There was one effect in another shader, (I think it was ESBE 2G) that had an underwater light rippling effect on the ocean floor. I think some underwater effect similar to that would look great in this shader. Overall, good Job!

  19. Guest-2352652544 says:

    is there a way to get the 1.1 but without the moving waves?

  20. Guest-9848715046 says:

    Hello, I love the shader but there is something I do not like about it, because I play in 8 chunks but when I use the shader it seems that I play in 6 or 7 if they tell me that I must change so that the chunks look normal please

  21. Guest-4556485386 says:

    This shader is so nice! I play on an ipad (not so good one) and most shaders lag for me… thanks for creating this its really good. Didnt like the sky tho so I tried another texture pack that changes the cubemap. I placed the pack over the shader and it still worked with the exception of the sky (most shaders either dont work like that and gets very glitchy or just doesnt work at all)

  22. Guest-2823804615 says:

    Wow! What a very ultra nice shader! This is the my most favorite shader through years playing lf Minecraft made by simplicity! And for High or Low end devices! I also love the enhanced vibrant color of the textures! So keep it up!

    That’s all! sorry for my English, I really love yourr shader! God Bless! <3

  23. Thunderflame says:

    If your a mobile player try The thin White Shader it fits in your minecraft and i always use it it also work on ios,windows, and Xbox 🙂

  24. Guest-5182185732 says:

    Why did you make it so complicated to download, I can’t download it because it says that I am not authorized

  25. ASilent says:

    This shader is the most comfortable one that I’ve ever seen in MC Bedrock Edition ヾ(≧▽≦*)o
    I like the warm color of the old versions such as 1.0.8 but I also like the water wave effect such as 1.1.0 too. Could you please combine them in the next version?
    And maybe change the look of the sun and the moon? It looks weird.

  26. Guest-3888881647 says:

    I would like very much to make the night less dark

  27. Guest-8952150054 says:

    I love it but you should really fix the darkness, it’s WAY too dark like you can barely see anything during the night / inside caves, I mean, I like the fact that you tried to make the night look “realistic”, but sometimes being realistic isn’t good, especially when torches in this game won’t give you any light while you are holding them, they must be placed and that’s really annoying.

    Also, is it normal that during raining everything looks so grey? Like, a grey filter is triggered when the raining starts, it’s odd but I would really like to know if that’s the way it should be.

    I’m looking forward to improvements, keep up the good work!

  28. Guest-5357163459 says:

    I love these shaders as I see them as enhancing the look of minecraft while still looking like it was only a official lighting change from mojang themselves but I only have one complaint; the waving animation seems laggy to me. I’ve used other shaders and have never had these problems with the ones I’ve tried but for some reason, the animation itself seems laggy. My game runs smooth even with these active but the waving speed seems slow. Not sure if its a problem with IOS and Ultramax but as mentioned before, I use other shaders and don’t have this problem on IOS either. Other than that, these shaders are perfect and will hope this is fixed in a update soon so I can continue to use these (btw I’m using the newest version with the black outline)

  29. Xynnful says:

    Super great shaders! Looks pretty real, only have a few problems and I don’t really notice them.

  30. yavinstudios says:

    I love the shader and everything. The only issue is water: WHY is it so strangely wavy! It even bugs out in waterlogged slabs and it looks terrible.

  31. Love the shader but stopped using it because the code rendered sun/moon aren’t toggle-able. Please make this a toggle so I can use my textured sun/moon! (:

  32. Xbox Player says:

    Can you update it to RenderDragon so Xbox players can use it too?

  33. Jack says:

    Just a suggestion, I use this shader all the time, I think it’s great. I think it would be a bit better if the waves moved smoother and directional sunlight would be great. I love this shader and just think there are small parts that need alteration.

  34. zapthefox says:

    Help! when I installed it my skin rendered in normally but when I entered a world/server everything was a bit darker than usual even my skin! how do I fix it? I am on windows 10

    • PugsLife says:

      I figured out how to make it work on PE (not sure if it works in windows 10).It’s not because of a bad gpu or something, it’s because for what ever reason it doesn’t read zip of mcpack files correctly, only folders. So you have un zip it (it’ll turn to a folder) and use that instead and it’ll work when going in to a new world or just copy your old one. P.S This shader looks amazing, for Bedrock.

  35. Khal says:

    Hey man,i love this shaders,but please can you update this shader,why? Because you make redstone powder is move too,and some blocks when the weather is rain,the color of the block not darker(because monochrome effect right,but some block not change).simply just update this shader man,i really love it

  36. Anyel says:

    I loved it but the plants, trees and the water move too much exaggerated that end up crossing the blocks
    I would like that they did not move much and that there is not so much fog
    out of that the rest is fine

  37. WyldeGi says:

    I really love this shader! I love how it implements movement in plants and water like most PC shaders, too.
    I find it a little annoying when the water rises above blocks its height, and when leaves merge into blocks its near. I love this shader, but being able to see transparency under water and two blocks in each other somewhat breaks the immersion. Is there any fix, or past version that solves this issue?
    Thanks again, and amazing work.

  38. HazmiRasid says:

    use mediafire, and make it a mcpack file. I don’t know how to use zip file, please?

  39. ????? says:

    i love your shader but can you delete the recent sun and moon because it look weird

  40. ASOwnerYT says:

    Colours are too warm in my opinion, other than that great shader.

  41. K-N 63 says:

    Is it working on xbox one?

  42. My name is no name says:

    Please make it work on minecraft pocket edition beta it is such a great shader .

    • PugsLife says:

      I figured out how to make it work. It’s not because a weak gpu or something, it’s because fir what ever reason it doesn’t read zip of mcpack files correctly only folders. So you have un zip it to a folder and it’ll work when first going in the world or just copy your old one.

  43. thetrueminecrafter says:

    please help ,i have a medium-end device but when use this shader and i join a world the blocks and the water are invisible plz fix this bug cuz thats my favorite shader plz help

  44. CharlieBoy says:

    Hey Can You Add Player Shadows To This Addon? I literally thought the “shadow” you meant was player shadows although everything looks good and lag free to me

  45. The water waves seem a bit strong, can you make it weaker?

  46. F1R3 says:

    I enjoyed this shader on the last update but the new update that has foxes renders eveything as invisible. How long would it take this to get fixed? Apart from this quality shader

  47. cheese says:

    Does it work for switch?

  48. AwesomeMonkeyMan says:

    Does it work on xbox?

  49. HyperZeRoeS says:

    Great work! But can you make the light (torch, sunlight, etc.) feels warmer, and waving plants? or just make the light feels warmer xD I love this shader <3

  50. Foggyeyes777 says:


  51. Chelz4L says:

    Can I add these in my video?

  52. Noobzs says:

    Do it works for xbox please reply

  53. Skyllett says:

    This shader is really beautiful!
    In one of my maps worked perfectly, but when I went to another the water turned black when I swam, I don’t know why 🙁

  54. disomocan7 says:

    Very good shader, but isn’t working on Minecraft Xbox One Please fix that

  55. Kennkenn says:

    the water in this update seems a lot smoother, but it still no-clips through blocks, Also, maybe change the appearance of the water like other texture packs , so it might look smoother!

    Thanks, Kenny

  56. cupidpsyche16 says:

    Please help me choose what shader should i use black or white or chroma? because is too many and please make only one shader in future update for easier.

  57. Tykea says:

    Why the leave and grass not waving anymore

  58. ChickenNuggetBoy says:

    The one drive like isn’t working, i click on the link but it it shows is a blank white page.

    Any help?

  59. Kevin says:

    Can you add water like the Parallax Shader? Or maybe even add dynamic lights? No one has working dynamic lighting.

    • CravenTuber says:

      Well you can add dynamic lights using a behaviour pack called real lights. But I think it will be a really good idea if the shader creator adds dynamic lights.

  60. MilKop963 says:

    This shader is great and all, but it’s broken my other mod

  61. I love your UltrMax shaders. Me and my friends always have them on my world.

  62. Anonymous says:

    Dude I don’t wanna be rude because you put a lot of work with your shader and it’s really amazing but every update since like 1.2 or whatever it has been filled with glitches and now it’s incompatible with my device for the first time. It’s kinda dissapointing but it’s still a great shaders when it works. Keep it up

  63. ann says:

    The water is really glitched and seems laggy but everything else is great!

  64. gengHAr15 says:

    Hello everyone. For your information I have moved the development of UltraMax Shader to Ultra Shader Foundation in terms of hosting the pack. I am still the owner and sole developer of this pack so, expecting a bit of a gap in the development time as I transition to this foundation. For more information, please contact [email protected] and submit your questions there.

  65. Kim says:

    Epic even though there is a lot of blocks that don’t look like full blocks disappears, it’s funny XD best shaders

  66. Nerevar_Xeph says:

    Yo, i was wondering, could you post a version without the custom water? or would it be possible for me to edit that out myself, for personal use, of course. Good pack so far, though.

  67. iDotMoterSport says:

    Hi there, I would like to ask you if im allowed to make videos (Youtube) on this, it will be with other add ons. I will credit your (and others) texture pack. My Channel is iDotMoterSport.

  68. RewChamploo says:

    Great shader! Though I wish ther were options available for the skybox effects (toggle aurora skies, whispy clouds,, twinkle stars on/off, etc.). Also, the water wave effect textures show tearing (i think in a 3×3 or 5×5 square) on the surface, making the ocean look grid-like. Other than that, damn fine shader.
    I’ll reach out to you on Twitter too, so you can get that info faster
    (PS: I’m playing Win10 Edition, so confirmed working, IMO)

  69. Blocky Gamer says:

    Can you please give me a download to the 1.6 version? The new version does not work that well for me

  70. Blocky Gamer says:

    The 1.6 version worked fine with my Android phone but with this version the water is clear completely and leaves grass and other things are invisible

  71. DanialNyetz says:

    His shader is great,but in latest version,there are a few bug i want to be fixed
    1.Water are invisable
    2.Leave,crop and other plant are invinsable
    I hope it got fixed

  72. Kennkenn says:

    So how do you install the chroma? It doesnt show up

  73. i love the shaders but can i make a world with this on it and post it to

  74. can i make a world with this on it and post it to

  75. Charlie James Wallace says:

    Dude, this shader is AMAZING after the new update! Good job! 🙂

  76. ExploDDDDE says:

    All grass, torches, leaves, and water is invisible ;-; (i only tried chroma and white ver, and i’m also on Android)

  77. Tykea says:

    Btw what do you mean by (black) (white) and (chroma) ??

  78. Anonymous says:

    Is there a way to isolate the chroma block filter from everything else?

  79. Xebii says:

    Great shader pack, but the only problem I have is while in a world for a certain amount of time the moving grass, leaves, and chroma selection box starts to get choppy.

  80. Panda says:

    The only bad thing about this shader is the water vibrates when you move. Other than that, great shaded! 4 stars because the water is screwed up.

  81. Ronin0077 says:

    The shader is amazing and runs on low end device but the only issues are that the colors become monotone underwater and the seagrass becomes purple.
    Also when in deep caves the colors and lights becomes dull and looks grayscale-ish.
    I hope you’ll fix these

  82. Ronin0077 says:

    Hi this shader worked great for my low end device but my clouds have disappeared.
    Can this be fixed in some way? I can see clouds in your screenshots

  83. SinanTayfa says:

    this shader has really great work, but I’ve never liked the Chroma Selection Box. so 4 stars 🙁

  84. Mister_Rixx says:

    I like this shader but there are two issues that annoy me extremely. The first issue would be that the water starts to vibrate when you move with the character which does not look really nice. The second problem would be that there are no colors underwater. everything looks underwater gray which does not look nice. But all in all this is a great shader and I would be happy if you could fix the water.

  85. TheEA66 says:


  86. BabuBabu says:

    Thanks to IBXToycat’s most recent youtube video, i decided to try your shader. It’s the best because i have a lower end phone, and my game still runs really smoothly! Thank you for your hard work 🙏

  87. Connor says:

    When you moving the water is moving more faster and it’s very wired please fix. I tested on Windows and Android.

  88. Pohhlo says:

    I Love this sharder its so simple its amazing i love it and keep up the good work. Works and looks amazing.

  89. Jian says:

    barriers stay invisible even when you’re holding a barrier block

  90. owen says:

    very good shader but the water glitches when you move and it spazzes very fast

  91. Ramonxu says:

    Nice, update water pls

  92. Seedofcarrot114 says:

    The water is glitched, but, i love this shader, it’s soo beatiful after the waves of leaves and plant.

  93. HuskyAleks says:

    No performance loss on a $300 pc with intel hd

  94. leonel says:

    Good shader, it is one of the best I’ve tried, maybe it has some errors but not everything is perfect and with each version it improves even more. Thanks for this great shader.

  95. Adán says:

    I love this shader, but I wanted to warn about several mistakes I saw when playing, the problem is that the water moves when you move, and by this I mean that the water seems to vibrate with the player’s movement, and the second error is that Under the water the colors of many things change dramatically, when looking up it looks orange and the algae look purple, it is something strange, thanks for your attention and I repeat, forgetting all this, I love this shader

  96. ElectroMew says:

    Can you make a version without the “Razor” outline. Other than that love this texture pack!!!

  97. Monq says:

    I love your shader. It’s beautiful

  98. jason says:

    on the fixed texture pack that doesnt have the water glitch how do i edit it so the rainbow outline is there?

  99. Damagingship97 says:

    I love this pack, it works on my low-end laptop just fine, but I did feel obliged to go into the files and delete selection_box.fragment.hlsl due to me not liking the chroma border around the blocks.

  100. Amatsukaze_Kai says:

    I like it, been using it for a couple of days, however, I noticed something that bugs me, on sunset sometimes it flickers to bright or dim when I look on a specific direction, swamp water that is blending with the normal water isn’t waving like the normal water, and talk about water, it sometimes jiggle quite strong when you’re moving.

    This was tested on Windows 10
    I will provide a screenshot if needed

  101. Émile says:

    The shader is a lot better in every update, beside the underwater color glitch, I really want to see a more natural rain (gray color), water (like the shader “Deluxe Water” and splashes gray or some color that improve the realism of the splashes not the uggly blue)
    Twinkle stars could be really cool…
    Pd. water have glitch when you walk or run, it moves like even when you’re not in the water.

  102. LinkSans2000 says:

    I honestly have no problem with inverted colors. I think they’re cool!

  103. Hazen says:

    I Downloaded this shader looking to spice up my world… It didn’t work, everything was black when I entered my survival world. So I tried my Creative world. It worked perfectly fine. But I’m confused why it didn’t work in my main world, any suggestions?

  104. GG.JeffreyJr. says:

    I love this shader coz it adds fogs and new lighting effecf

  105. gengHAr15 says:

    Major bug:
    UltraMax Shader version 1.0.6 have a major bug where colors got inverted when you’re underwater. I got many reports from people on Twitter with screenshots and have confirmed the bug. Please use version 1.0.5 to revert the problem as I work on a fix for this issue.

  106. Wah says:

    Can you make a resource pack dedicated to making different selection boxes, cause they look amazing and it’ll look nice when gameplay.

  107. Nimbus343 says:

    Help, going underwater changes the colors to be weird! Sea grass becomes purple and drowned become colorless. Is this a feature?

    Also yeah, the monochrome filter activating when below ground. It’s pretty annoying.

    Other than that, this is a fantastic looking shader! A fix for both would be nice! Until then, 4/5.

  108. iLoveUltraMax says:

    Oh my GOSH, i cannot even put it into words! I absolutely love this new update! Everything from the block selection that changes color to the monochrome filter when it rains. I even love how you added wavy plants and water too. To anyone who is searching for a lag-free shader, YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS!

  109. Remi V says:

    overall good shader i like it
    couple dislikes do:
    -the plants / leaves dont “swiffel” this is nice to create a wind effect
    -the highligted block’s corner turns white this is not needed

    but now the good parts:
    -water is actualy blue i had cases where it turnt out to be white above and blue under
    -the lighting is great
    -not alot of storage intake its great for low storage devices

  110. stupidkid says:

    dang, it! it cant import

  111. Greenbean says:

    In my opinion, this is one of the best shaders you can use with Windows 10 edition. I use it with the MultiPixel texture pack, which gives the game a nice fresh look while still keeping things recognizable. It also makes it much easier to see underwater, which I appreciate. Good work.

  112. Anonymous says:

    Problems with installation is it keeps Turing to a media fire .ZIP archive when I click .mcpack

  113. Nobody says:

    Just wondering if anyone has has success with this shader on Xbox One. Please let me know I’d love to know before I try to install it

  114. Mark says:

    A very nice and viabrent shader recommend

  115. AR21 says:

    I ask permission to change some of these shaders and I upload them in the MCPE master, and I will give credit to your original creator

  116. AR21 says:

    I encountered a bug on the mob zombie sea. Please fix it immediately

  117. Nick says:

    This shader, since your aquatic update version, has drastically improved, and now even runs better on my old PC. However (and maybe this is a glitch) but hovering my crossheir over blocks with this shader applied outlines the block in white, instead of black, and its pretty annoying.

  118. Jeffkiller36 says:

    Worked Perfectly! I like the way that the block outlines are white.

  119. Meep says:

    Amazing, this resource pack/shader works perfectly for the 1.12 update. Only problem is that I’m trying to use it with a certain texture but it’s pack called feathercloud (on this website) and when I load the world everything turns invisible. Is this because of compatibility or that feathercloud has just not been updated?? I need answers thx

    • Anonymous says:

      The shadows dont work. Is this a bug or does it not work on the xbox version of bedrock, but overall everything else works, great shader keep it up

  120. Anonymous says:

    Shader is quite nice. It would be nice though if you added waving plants and leaves.

  121. -Placeit- says:

    At first my expectations were low i just wanted to find a compatible shader 1.12. As i loaded my mind was quite blown. Thank you.
    P.S. keep up the good work 😉

  122. stu says:

    Hey! Ive used this and realised that there are custom death messages and splash texts, and i’m wondering how to do that.

  123. Alesscreeper says:

    why they removed the absolute darkness that occurs when lowering the brightness to the minimum, that was what made the shader unique and more realistic

  124. Alesscreeper says:

    because they removed the absolute darkness that occurs when lowering the brightness to the minimum, that was what made the shader unique and more realistic

  125. Laszin says:

    Hey, I’m on Windows 10 edition 1.12 but shaders doesn’t work anyway. No skin, no textures etc. My graphic card drivers are up to date

  126. MoneyMonkey says:

    The new 1.12 update just came out 2 days ago and I’m having some trouble with this shader. First off, which zip number am I supposed to download… The 1.0.4 since that’s the new update?? Also, I downloaded the pack and did the whole installation correctly but whenever I open a world with the pack the whole game crashes.. Can someone plz answer what’s going on or if it’s just my device

  127. Lacie says:

    I can’t open Minecraft at all after installing it. I would uninstall it but it won’t let me open the app. I’m on an iPad

    • JohnnyJohnny says:

      Yea, after the new update I haven’t been able to get this shader working.. I did he whole installation correctly and whenever I open a world to play my whole game crashes.. Does a new update new to come out first?? Or am I downloading the wrong pack

  128. I can’t do anything like move, open inv, opening esc.

  129. Anonymous says:

    How do you download this on xbox one? Mediafire download would help a lot. Other than that great shader.

  130. Anonymous says:

    How do you download this on xbox one?

  131. Anonymous says:

    Could you please make a media fire download

  132. Anonymous says:

    Does not render for me on Windows 10 edition. Running on a desktop with Pentium G4560, GTX 1050 Ti, 8 GB ram.

    • AnAussieNamedLuke says:

      Check you have the right gpu drivers, because it requires some components from newer version of opengl that aren’t supplied with windows’ stock drivers.

  133. Dean says:

    I downloaded the mood and now it’s kicking me out of the app. How do I uninstall it

  134. Exo says:

    I love your shader but in the new version polar bears are pink at night. I use the shader on the xbox one with the John Smith texture Pack for bedrock Edition.

  135. janmanuel says:

    this the best shader in the wrold for my gaming stream so realistic!!

  136. SOULREAPER says:

    I used this shader on my Galaxy S7 edge but it’s not compatible on Galaxy S8+?

  137. Hey when I use this shaders, it somehow dissapear all the entity including me plz fix this.

  138. HirwrC says:

    Please make nights darker again. Brightness setting doesn’t affect the brightness at all.

  139. Alesscreeper says:

    The shader is amazing, I know that the shader tries to look like minecraft vanilla but, you could make the shadows definite or more realistic, it would look much better

  140. Dike says:

    Can you please fix this texture pack it always crashing on mine when I play on a world.
    I know it’s compatible because the character on the menu is showing

  141. Dike says:

    It always crashes and I can’t play Minecraft

  142. Chase says:

    Can you please have a version of the addon that doesnt have a white selection box? I dont like it. Other that that, this is clearly the best shader for windows 10.

  143. BlockbyBlock says:

    Hey man, this shader is amazing! There are two bugs though. When I look at my skin, it’s my skin, however there’s some white, glowing lines on my skin. The second bug is when I enter the skin settings to change my skin, the game crashes! If there is a way to resolve this, then that’d be epic! Thanks!

  144. pinkmira356 says:

    I don’t know how to use mega, and I’m wondering if this resource pack was made for pc? I’m on ios and I can’t figure out how to download it

  145. Falko says:

    They said if your avatar doesnt apear when aplied it doesnt work. Exept that it crashes
    Please fix this

  146. Blocky Gamer says:

    When i apply the shader and load the world it’s just nothing all I can see is entities no blocks how do I fix this

  147. null_eqn says:

    Hey, brother, this is a black screen when I swim.

  148. Anonymous says:

    This is an amazing shader! However, there’s one thing… The shadows from entities are full white and I can see the entire model from anywhere I am. Basically, that means I see a full white upside-down triangle under any mob or entity, and I can see it even if I’m staring at a block, as long as the entity is in my general direction.
    Theres also the thing that it outlines blocks whenever I look at them. And I mean just like the shadows. Full white outline around the block. I can live with the outline thing, but can anyone provide a way to fix the white triangles? Thank you!

  149. Skuld says:

    I have made a top 3 shaders for bedrock 1.11, and your shader is the first place.
    I put the link to the video below [Spanish Audio]

  150. WioJB says:

    Nice shaders, my only critique is i wish i could give the shaders more shadow depth, other than that the shaders are great and make the game feel more alive.

  151. XFire_Gamer says:


  152. GAME MEX says:

    Nice shader! my World looks more realistic! but ad shadows! but its really cool shader!

    • Émile says:

      This shader is soft light improvement, so is like vanilla but better, however darker shadows looks bad in bedrock because are static, if you want darker shadows, download any other shader, this shader will be faithful to vanilla shadows.

      • Anonymous says:

        Although I do like the new update is there any way you can link the old versions because the night time and the caves are less darker than before and personally I like the realism of the darkness thatit seemed really cool when you put a torch down in it luminated a small area of the cave

  153. Pumpkn says:

    When I downloaded the pack and installed it, when I logged into my world; I couldn’t see blocks. Only entities. Is there a way to fix this or s it not compatible with 1.14?

  154. AR21 says:

    I don’t like the color of the torch, can you change the color of the torch?

  155. Audri 1218 says:

    this is crash or not?

  156. Justin says:

    Not working with 1.11.2

  157. Bored says:

    Hello! I want to report a problem and it is that when I use the Shader together a texture the horse has the old model and its old texture

  158. AsrielTW says:

    Works great on Windows 10!!

  159. exo says:

    Hello, thanks for the beautiful shader! I use the shader on my Xbox One and it runs perfectly. Is it normal that I don’t see clouds in the sky? I have installed a custom sky addon separately now I am satisfied 😜

  160. Cat man says:

    I don’t know how to get it on iOS how do you?

  161. Itskyle says:

    This shaders is spectacular and not forced like other shaders for bedrock edition, It’s so fresh and simple i love it, but can you remove the dark thingy in the edge (vignette), Overall this shaders is amazing.

  162. Émile says:

    Excellent updates!
    You heard the petitions, can you add better water and particles like the color of the rain and water (it’s a bit weird to see gray rain and blue particles in the floor?

    I love this Shader cause is like vanilla but obviously better.

  163. Yandere Dev says:

    Hey gengHAr15 can I ask a very important question

  164. A confused person says:

    How do I download this from google drive I am on IOS but I haven’t been on this website in a while can someone help how to download things to Minecraft on google drive?

  165. z says:

    I would use it more if it wouldn’t take over the messages in the generating world screen.

  166. GeoElitez says:

    question! will this work with texture packs? i’m using the norse mythology pack

  167. Anonymous says:

    Hey someone view your shader
    The YouTube name is Officially callum

  168. Émile says:

    This shader pack is almost perfect, perfect light, perfect shadows (like vanilla), perfect fog…. The only problem are the clouds, if this shader has vanilla clouds, could be the best shader cause the shadows of all the other shader pack sucks, because in bedrock the shadows are STATIC.

  169. Ortheg says:

    I will be giting this for Xbox one if you want to know got to get addons for Xbox go here

  170. lananovakk says:

    Beautiful. Really nice and comfortable shader pack. Recommend to everyone! 🙂
    P.S: My version of mc is and shaders are working perfectly without lags.

  171. mc fan 1239 says:

    pls respond

  172. AR21 says:

    advice from me is wavy water, round sun, realistic clouds, there are shadows, leaves move hopefully so

  173. Jacob H says:

    Really nice, but the sky usually has this… um… reddish wave-like pulse every 10 seconds or so. It doesn’t do anything but it’s just odd.

  174. David says:

    In my xbox crash when i open the world

  175. ItsXedy says:

    hope this gets updated to support 1.12 betas

  176. Anon says:

    Mega won’t let me download it and tries to make me download their crappy app, maybe use both Mega and Google Drive links. From the pictures I can see this is a well done shader!

  177. Zacharie says:

    It’s a very good shader, but is it normal that cloud looks weird ?

  178. Imaiser says:

    Add more download links:

    For some reason mega download like just won’t work for me when I click download it just doesn’t download I don’t know why but please help

  179. NoNeedForAName says:

    Nice shader! But I found something like a bug, when I apply the shaders the villagers work robe disappears. Any ideas for a fix? Also I like it when the night is extremely dark 🙂

  180. Anonymous says:

    Help idk how to do it

  181. SuprPurplPan123 says:

    It looks great! but the downloads are labeled wrong, mcpack has the zip, and zip has the mcpack

  182. E says:

    I hope it works for Android

  183. loveelyyyy says:

    it doesn’t let me import to minecraft, when i try to open it in minecraft it just isn’t an option.

  184. Morpheu says:

    Pls make it applyable in 1.10. Ive been searching for shaders that I might like. I have hopes for this shader.

  185. HirwrC says:

    Can’t see villager’s uniqe profession robe because of this shader. All villagers have brown robe.

  186. HirwrC says:

    LOL. The download links for .mcpack and .zip are switched.

  187. LogicZ says:

    It’s doesnt work for me I’m on iOS version 1.10 and everything is just invisible for me. Plz someone help

  188. Katie says:

    Can you make this avalible for 1.10?

  189. Sean says:

    I downloaded the shader but it’s pitch black at night and stars don’t render.

  190. Sean says:

    It doesn’t work for iOS it says that it’s an unsupported file type.

  191. idrean says:

    Please please PLEASE, if you’re looking for a simple lighting modification thats so simple but yet so incredible, then try this pack. Its the perfect touch of lighting.

  192. Angel Kern says:

    I’ve downloaded a number of shaders on my Android mcpe and only this one actually works! Awesome! Hope to see cool water water soon! Then it’s perfect 5.

  193. xDarkAbsol17499 says:

    Currently,I have not seen this good shader for MC bedrock edition.I LOVE IT!! 9.5/10!!! If you work on it constantly,take my 10/10!

  194. Saerain says:

    Hmm. Another Win10 user with an invisible world here. i5-8600K, GTX 970, 16 GB RAM

    I should say it also happens with Energy Shaders and SS10. Interestingly, Natural Mystic does not render the world invisible, but it doesn’t do anything else, either. 😛

  195. kodmar says:

    how do i install this ?

  196. Dave says:

    I just started looking for shaders today for windows 10 edition. So far that I have found this is the best looking one by far, although I do have some mile critiques.

    As others have stated, its a bit dark even with brightness at 100%. I almost feel that the contrast could be reduced by about 20% and the color saturation reduced about 30%.

    I am a graphic designer by trade so I understand colors, saturation etc. I do not know how mods work or how you build these, but I have a simple system I use to help find good color balance.

    Start your mod with the colors at 0, or greyscale, then slowly bring the colors up until they start to look realistic, but not oversaturated. Some people start with the colors over saturated, but then lower them but the issue is that everything looks pale and dull because you get used to the over saturated colors. This is why you should start at greyscale.

    I think lowering the contrast a bit, boosting the brightness just a little bit and lowering the color saturation would make this shader pack look amazing.

    Thank you for your efforts, although I critique your shader pack it is still the best one I have seen. Thank you again!

  197. Alexandra Kempen says:

    Finally a shader which works on android- and a real cozy one too :3 thank you!

  198. ringo says:

    way to dark underground, other than that, great look. reminds me of old school minecraft lighting except this actually looks good.f

  199. Anonymous says:

    Is this also for

  200. Meshmellow says:

    Working but made it look way darker especially underground

  201. iRaynolmodding says:

    windows 10

  202. Fluffy Furduncio says:

    This is the first shaderspack that worked for me! 😀
    Thanks a Lot!

  203. GAMERLOGIC says:


  204. Jadyn says:

    Worked great for me! Thanks 🙂

  205. Gapple says:

    In iOS, it crashes my game
    And if I try to apply it to a world
    Minecraft would stay stuck on the loading screen

  206. AgentH14 says:

    Is This for Windows 10 Edition too??

  207. HRC says:

    I’m on WIN10 and for some reason, nothing renders for me 🙁 No lag, no wait times, but everything is invisible/not rendered. Know of any fix?

    • gengHAr15 says:

      Is your pc running graphics on Intel HD Graphics, AMD Radeon or Nvidia Geforce? I know for a fact that some Radeon cards as well as deprecated Nvidia cards fails to load or doesn’t render. If your pc have this type of card, this shader would probably won’t work at all. But don’t worry. You can always check back for an updated version to see if the problem have been fixed.

  208. Traziil says:

    Won’t work when i try to open it on minecraft, doesn’t even show up. Help?

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