Published on March 02, 2023 (Updated on March 25, 2024)

Unfair Parkour

This map is the perfect blend of challenge and fun, with its unique minigames and troll encounters. It offers a one-of-a-kind Minecraft experience that you won't find anywhere else. Give it a try and see for yourself!

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After a year-long wait filled with unexpected delays due to team commitments and other projects, we are thrilled to finally unveil the monumental update for Unfair Parkour – version 1.1.0!

Why the Wait?

This significant update took longer than anticipated due to various factors, including the team being occupied with other projects and unforeseen delays. Despite these challenges, we remained dedicated to delivering a high-quality experience, and we're excited to share the results with you.

Entering Beta Phase

With this release, Unfair Parkour officially enters the Beta phase. We've been meticulously crafting and refining every aspect of the map, and we're now one step closer to its full release.

What's New?

  1. Updated "Get Started": We've overhauled the "Get Started" section to ensure a seamless introduction for new players, setting the stage for their adventure.
  2. Farewell to Rewards: In response to feedback from our dedicated playtesters and players, we've made the decision to remove rewards. This shift allows us to refocus on the core lore and story of the map, enhancing the overall experience.
  3. New UI Sounds: Immerse yourself in the world of Unfair Parkour with our new and improved UI sounds, adding an extra layer of immersion to your gameplay.
  4. More" Option Replaced: To streamline navigation and improve user experience, we've replaced the "More" option with "About," making it easier for players to access essential information.
  5. Shop Button Removed: Simplifying the interface based on user feedback, we've eliminated the Shop button to reduce complexity and enhance convenience for our players.
  6. Bug Fixes and Enhancements: We've diligently addressed various issues throughout the map, including fixing a major problem in Level_7 where players could escape through vines. Additionally, we've made the "Find the Key" puzzle more accessible by replacing the confusing villager.
  7. Brand New Features: Prepare to be amazed by our new logo upon entering the world, as well as improved cutscenes that add depth to the storyline. Furthermore, we've updated the creator model in the About section and revamped the Credits board to recognize all contributors.
  8. Level Expansion: Delve deeper into the challenges of Unfair Parkour with the introduction of a brand-new level, Level 12. Explore new secrets and conquer fresh obstacles as you navigate through this exciting addition.
  9. Informational Updates: Stay informed with updates to the Info board in the About section, providing valuable insights into the world of Unfair Parkour.

Thank You! We extend our sincere gratitude to all our supporters, playtesters, and players who have accompanied us on this journey. Your feedback and dedication have been instrumental in shaping Unfair Parkour into the captivating experience it is today.



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bro, it's literally called Unfair Parkour, I'm giving a 5 star for keeping up with the title
your parkour map is rubbish I hope you die
Give your opinions...
I will improve on that
can you update 1.19.50
But we cannot downgrade our map!
Please keep in mind that we update our map regularly and doesn't support lower versions. If you want to play the map you can update your game!
yeah it doesnt work for me either
This comment has been removed
This is a compatibility issue we cannot help with that. If you are playing in the latest version(1.19.73 or further) try lowering your settings or try to lower your render distance, if you are in lower than 1.19.73 we cannot help, just update your game.
yeah it doesnt work for me either