Published on January 02, 2021 (Updated on March 24, 2021)

Restored Piglin Bastion Treasure

Restored Piglin Bastion

Explore the bastion before wither skeletons!

Second part of the story is here!!!

2. You started exploring and found some kind of fortress that was full of strange creatures and you decided to move on then you came across a bastion of pigs I accepted you among them and they were willing to give you everything you want in exchange for a precious metal called gold.

This is Piglin Bastion Treasure

The bastion was restored by me!!!

I restored three versions of them, each one will have a part of the story of why the bastion is ruined today.

Most of it was rebuil only by me.

Main treasure hall



Hope you guys enjoy my work!!!

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Restored Piglin Bastion

Restore main hall of the treasure bastion

The bridge and the rooms


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You should do like all restored bastion in a world like mixed so it would be like a huge castle
This is nice but it the piglins and their armor don't have the nether like feel to it. I think it should be gold, maybe diamonds, and netherite. Prob not netherite because if piglins have it I feel like they would store it in a vault. With the diamonds I don't think there should be much. Maybe for piglin brutes. With the gold its obvious.
Can you make a full restored bastion? Also maybe slightly modify the end cities to be more like livable cities.
MinecraftPlayer4567 March 23, 2021 at 4:47 pm
Nice I like it!