Published on December 31, 2020 (Updated on September 29, 2023)

More Tools Addon (1.20 Update!)

This addon brings 40+ armor types to your game, over 1k tools and items and 20+ new decorative blocks to play with. Feel free to enjoy these items in survival as you like. The goal of this addon is just to give you that vanilla vibe nothing more nothing less. Fully survival compatible!

Created with passion for minecraft bedrock comunity!

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BugFix Update


-Most Item colored names should display corectly now!

-Most Items should be in the right category now!

-Most Food Items should work on servers now!









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Love to see it after I warn you guys that the mod may not work on the newest main release and that it will be a monumental task to get it working and yet I do infact manage to update everything and get it to work just good enough right after the release of 1.20.30 and I get not even one to thank me for that.

All I get are more complains on Twitter/X , YouTube, and here on mcpedl.

I think it's time to put this add-on to rest I did enough.

----===URGENT UPDATE!!!===----
Download the latest 1.20.30 pack for the newest 1.20.30 stable minecraft I managed to fix most of the things!
-----Armor trims available in stable!-----

(Discontinued)Original = Damage/Durability/Enchantability/Speed... of the tools are like the first time I released the add-on in 2020 overpowered.
Balanced = Damage/Durability/Enchantability/Speed... of the tools are more in line with Vanilla Minecraft.

Download count for this add-on: 1.87M
Thank You!

If anyone cares I like the Balanced pack more because I'm more of a survival player.
only half of the items are appearing when I apply the resource and behavior pack
Please tell me you won't the community, your one of the Og users of this platform
update this to 1.20.30 pls
I know what you do is not easy and I understood I pledge what you do I would love to see what a 6.0 version would be like do plan on that
although I’m disappointed that it doesn’t work on Creative which is what I play on normally so I would appreciate if that would be worked on so that the Thor Hammer would work and the lighting battle Aze will Work Properly and all the stuff that susposed to be in there work right please
Keeps up the good Work
but I prefer the OP pack over the balenced anyday
yes I agree I would like the OP Packs back those were the best and I miss it I wish the mid would work but everytime i check it still doesn’t work and the items and weapons are located in the wrong area it’s the best mod and I hope you continue to make more updates and more to the mod
Hey! No pressure but just to let you the ores don’t show up in survival, nor do the items show up in the correct place (armors and tools are in “items”).
Just dropping by to say thank you for the hard work. Seriously, the amount of effort needed to keep everything working while adding onto it is incredible. And I truly understand what it takes to get most of everything to work considering how many ores and tools there are. Whether this is the last update or not, your efforts were appreciated and inspiring. Whenever I wanted to play a modded world, this was always a must have to include in my adventures!
Can you update the pack for 1.20.30?
Hey dude,I have seen the situation that you've been having recently and I really want you to keep working on it. I'm making a comeback to Minecraft after 6 months and this is the first addon I came back to (I've been using this since version 3.5).Hearing about you possibly not updating it anymore breaks my heart.I know you have been treated like trash by almost everyone,but the loyal fans (Me included) have stayed with you,and that to me is what matters.
i was wondering what texture pack was my friend using in his mc world turns out its this.. lmao
I can't get the ores to show up in survival I'm on Xbox can anyone help?
Bro how Did You install it? It keeps Giving me A "missing File"