Published on December 31, 2020 (Updated on November 30, 2022)

More Tools Addon (BugFix!)

This addon brings 35+ armor type to your game, 20+ decorative blocks and 900+ new tools to play with. Feel free to enjoy these items in survival as you like. The goal of this addon is just to give you that vanilla vibe nothing more nothing less. Fully survival compatible!

Created with passion for minecraft bedrock comunity!

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UPDATE v5.5 BugFix UB UI in android!!!

update silver items/blocks/tools/armor textures

updated the ui for upgrade bench now compatible with android/ios


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Hello, update v5.5 is out silver textures updated and UI pack is fixed, I don't have time to update the page on mcpedl atm sorry!

Original = Damage/Durability/Enchantability/Speed... of the tools are like the first time I released the add-on in 2020 overpowered.
Balanced = Damage/Durability/Enchantability/Speed... of the tools are more in line with Vanilla Minecraft.

Download count for this add-on: 1.67M
Thank You!

If anyone cares I like the Balanced pack more because I'm more of a survival player.
Is aetherium armour or enderite armour better?
I would like to comment on a problem that is not clear to me if it is from the addon itself, the external one or the current version of minecraft itself. The bug is that when creating the world and accommodating the addons well, I pass the world in a zip file to the outside but two cases occur.
1- the more tools folders do not appear (as if the addon had not been installed in the world)
2-the folders if they appear
but the same thing happens with both problems and that is that the mineral generation system stops working and no mineral appears in the rest of the ungenerated terrain (this problem does not occur with the end expansion)
Can I have permission to use files in a personal addon, Its for a realm, he wants a few mods, including this one, but he doesn't want hammers and stuff that's too OP, I will only download and edit with your permission.
Ty, have a good day
Your link gave me a file that isn't mcpack mcaddon or zip, and it's required password, why?
Also please make a link to mcaddon instead of bp and rp separate. It waste a lot of time for me
Add New Version 5.6 Add New Counting Ingot, Tools, Armor, Block, New Update MCBE 1.19.41, Re-Texture Amber, Steel, And Release 22 Nov 2022
I don't know if I'm the only one but when I'm going to use the mod the textures get bugean and the typical purple and black textures appear or even some objects don't load the textures, the name does but the texture doesn't.
It looks like the like is broken? MediaFire is saying the file is missing...
Add New Galaxite, Countingite Ingot On MCBE 1.19.40?
really good addon(: i am waiting for more updates
For any moments but why are you exposed your email on username?

Edit: I don’t have words \-_-/
The links for the new version (5.1.0) have not been updated yet
No clue what ur talking about...
So you upload version 5.1 which isn't even actually there on MediaFire. Foad scamvertise scammer.
Links are working fine what are you talking about?
Idk Is Add Moonstone And 3 New Of MCBE 1.19.30,1.19.32, And Also 1.19.40
SorYP is really busy for sure but sadly I don’t know if not add moonstone

Edit: like me I was waiting add galaxite but he didn’t add
I think I said that moonstone is on my add list. Galaxite I'm not sure it will fit... anyway for now enjoy the updated textures for silver v5.5 is out and UI pack is fixed!

Still busy gonna update the page on mcpedl when i get time for now the links are updated!
And 1.19.42 available now
Nowadays there’s no choice I guess…
If you have questions ask reply on me