Core Resource Generator Addon (Update!)

If you wish there was a better way to gather resources then i have the solution.

This addon adds 50+ generators wich can produce basic resources overtime. Each one can be upgraded to different tiers for faster spawn rate.

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NOTE: You can't steal the code or textures in any way!!! But we can talk about this on twitter @sori662_pop or in the comments down below!!!

NOTE: Enable EXPERIMENTAL GAMEPLAY in your world options in order to use this addon!!!

How to get generators?

You have to craft this new item called 'Core'

Then use it with the following blocks and items:

v3.2 Update!


Jade, Visinium Ingot, Crying Obsidian, Magma Cream


v3.1 Update!

v3 Update!

v2.9 - Required More Tools Addon download here!

v2.8 - Required More Tools Addon download here!

v2.7 - Required More Tools Addon download here!



V2.4 Updated all the blocks for appearing in the crafting table and creative menu.


All Avable Generators!

Carrot, Potato, String, Beetroot, Apple, Cactus, Ender Pearl, Wheat, Sugar Cane, Golden Apple, Enchanted Golden Apple, Sea Lantern, Block of Gold, Totem, Copper Ore, Amethyst Block, Amethyst Shard, Netherite ingot, Leaves, Nether Brick Block, Glass, Obsidian, Glowstone, Bone Block, Bone, Blaze Rod, Dirt, Snow, Gravel, Stone, Grass Block, Diamond Ore, Gold Ore, Redstone Ore, Iron Ore, Emerald Ore, Quartz Ore, Coal Ore, Lapis Ore, Cobblestone, Sand, Oak Log, Gunpowder, Rotten flesh, Chicken, Beef, Porkchop, Melon Block, Pumpking, Netherrack, Blackstone, Diamond Block, Iron Block, Emerald Block, Calcite, Granite, Deepslate, Nether Star, Diorite, Andesite, Barrel, Bookshelf, Scute, Chest, Honey Block, Honeycomb, Honey Bottle, Vine, Sponge, Ice, Slime, Bricks, Enderite Block, Tuff, Netherite Scrap, Nether Gold Ore, Peridot, Ruby, Silver Ingot, Topaz, Tourmaline, Brass Ingot, Bronze Ingot, Citrine, Glass Ingot, Sapphire, Tin Ingot, Egg, Zinc Ingot, Jungle , Dark Oak, Birch, Spruce,  Acacia, Enderium Ingot, Aetherium Ingot, Lonsdaleite Gemstone, Uranium Ingot 

The new 'item core' is used with the blocks and items to create an generator like these examples only with the specified blocks and items above.

Recipe Example for the avable Ores/Blocks/Items

First tier wich is wood will generating an item every 40 seconds.

There are 6 tiers of generator each one increasing the speed by 5 seconds on survival it will take the block required to upgrade!

How to upgrade to the next tier? Very easy for windows 10 users just click with the specified block on the generator and for android users just tap on the block.

Wood Tier - spawn rate every 40 seconds

Cobblestone Tier - spawn rate every 35 seconds

Iron Tier - spawn rate every 30 seconds

Gold Tier - spawn rate every 25 seconds

Emerald Tier - spawn rate every 20 seconds

Diamond Tier - spawn rate every 15 seconds

Netherite Tier - spawn rate every 10 seconds

Example: How to gather the items spawning above passively.

Note: these items/blocks can be obtained in creative with commands/give @s sp11:item/block_name

Hope you enjoy it!

Select version for changelog:


Update v3.2

Added new generators

Jade Generator

Visinium Ingot Generator

Crying Obsidian Generator

Magma Cream Generator


Download both the resource pack and behaviour pack and click on them to start the instalation process then enable experimental gameplay in you world settings. Before installing the new version delete the old one!!!

How to get past Linkvertise?

How to update addons / mods?


Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

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Hello Creators pls add the ores that on more tools pls🙏🙏🙏
Please make it more upgrade
Wait, I would like to clarify, I used this without anything else added to it, just a normal minecraft world, I turn on every experimental thing, open the world, and bam, the world's black

It seems to me that it breaks textures regardless
The old updates worked, so, Ima just put a 5 star
it's work when i take out the More tools pack , but when i put it in it's change to the black texture. i play minecraft 64bit
( android 8 )
Wait, I have to use the more tools pack? Sheesh man, I'm already using 13 addons with 2 texture packs
A shader and a realism one, and uhh, I have to add that into the world gen? Damn-
The addon is compatible with more tools just make sure this addon resource pack is first.
does it support 64bit version?
Uhhh, the addon breaks minecraft textures, how do I fix it? Like as in every single block is just black, and the mobs are fine but the blocks-
Could you make it redstone toggleable
No because the code was not designed with that in mind but i will rework it at some point with that in mind.
It is working fine. Awesome!

But could You disable the sound, when the generators generate an item? Or, please, make it switchable. Thank You!
I checked the files... Every generator have the sound (end portal fill with eye sound).
I wanted to switch myself, but i don't want to do it one by one.
And if i switch off the sound of blocks in the game settings menu, it switches off every block (for example the chest opening).
I wanted to use this addon, but with this annoying sound, i wont use it. Imagine that, when you use 2-10 generators at once. Absolutely horrible to my ears.
if you are 6 blocks away the sound should not work.
Yes, it works
I have an idea, how to collect the spawning items without hearing them spawning. 🙂
simple watch the last picture in this page.
Could u add generators for all enchanted books?
Likes Minecraft Add-ons December 23, 2021 at 12:40 am
Can you make generators cheaper (i don't mean too cheap) netherite ingot? R u serious better use scrap
i mean its a small price to pay for infinite items...
Very excellent addon. I've been using this on my server and it really helps my server to gain more resources. The cost to make the core is worth for the generator. After all, once you have gathered the 9 main generators (for making the core), you can start having another generator to gain more resources.

Best generator addon and I totally recommended this addon!
good job, you're amazing, by the way I'll use your addon on a map and I'll put it here in mcpdl (if that's okay and of course) and I'll put your credits of course

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Maybe you will add a "Shulker Shell" generator?