Published on January 08, 2021 (Updated on June 14, 2022)

Enderite Addon (1.19 Support)

End Update

"The end" dimension got an updated look. This addon updates the most boring part of the game before mojang.

Enjoy the beauty of having even more things to do with your survival map!!! After you reach a certain level in the game you dont have new materials to play with so i propose this mod that will bring new features and gameplay mechanics to your world.

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Update v2.1

items updated to suport 1.19

updated item texture

1.19 support and updated enderite items

special thanks to DeadVoxelx for helping me out with this project!


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This pack will fix custom 3d blocks higher than 16x16x16 should work for other addons aswell.

link (copy and paste it):

It uses uuids from marketplace to force the game render like the old way before 1.18.10 shady mojang.
Can you make an Ender village for an Ender villager? Because if they spawn naturally it's quite strange
hey can you make an Ender village for an Ender villager. Because if they spawn naturally it's quite strange in my opinion
It's not working with Block-geo fixer for 1.19.20 on 1.19.31. Please fix glitched textures with Block-geo fixer texture code to Enderite Add-on handle more than 1:1 on 1.19.30, 1.19.31, 1.19.40 Beta, 1.19.50 Beta
It's not working with Block Geo Fixer on 1.19.31
i have downloaded this pack for my minecraft bedrock realm, it says that its low memory and some of the stuff in broken.
Anyone know how to fix it or have encounters with this problem/bug
It is better to make the sky black as it is in the default end in the end biomes. I did not like the colored sky in the biomes.but you can leave the RTX
10/10 I love it! :D
Is there a way to get this addon WITHOUT the overpowered enderite tools? I mainly wanted this for the end dimension generation.
Can you pls put RTX link
Is it compatible with more tools addon?
How do i download