Vanilla+ Weapons Add-on [with updated link]

This version is outdated, please go to for the updated version!

The new version is a complete overhaul of my Vanilla+Weapons mod, complete with over 100 new weapons! And yes, I’m serious. 16 weapons for 8 different materials, for a grand total of 128 detailed melee weapons!

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  • Removed old page, as the information provided no longer applies.
  • Marked as outdated, as the new version was rebranded as Tinker's Legacy
  • Hopefully these changes finally convince the moderators of the MCPE Addons app to finally update my mod page. 😑

Moderators of MCPEDL, please send a message to the moderators of MCPE Addons. I have had over a hundred people asking me for the new update, but their device will only let them get mods/addons off of the MCPE Addons app.

Can you give me a hand with this?


Linked new version of mod in the description, head on over to

to check it out!



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*Hello everyone!*

Because of how cluttered this page has become, I uploaded the update as an entirely new mod.

You can find the new version here!

I hope you enjoy the new version as much as this one!
See you all soon!
Apparently it is no longer working in realms, does someone have the same problem?
I would kindly recommend adding costom Spears, like what the Gladiators had.
I can't get any of them how do I get hem through commands?
How to make wooden battleaxe?
Add greatsword and halberd and spear plz
*Hello everyone!*

Because of how cluttered this page has become, I uploaded the update as an entirely new mod.

You can find the new version here!

I hope you enjoy the new version as much as this one!
See you all soon!
Hey I want tstart making mods for minecraft pe but I dont know how could you give me some tips I'm asking because you look like your an expert so I know I might someday be a competitor or something but could you please help me learn?
HiperStream (xbox gamertag if you want to get in touch) October 24, 2019 at 4:31 pm
Hey, I dont know if anyone else has this problem but no matter what mod i download the items that come with the mod wether they are weapons or armour or ores or whatever they are just never added. the rest of the mods always work fine but no knew items are ever added, I dont know if this is something anyone knows the solution 2 or if its a known problem but can someone please try and shed some light? playing of bedrock edition of course. tried it on version 1.12.1 and Thanks All
First off, turn on EXPERIMENTAL GAMEPLAY first. And use 1 Items Mod at a time, stacking them will broke all of them, meaning you can only use 1 Items Mod.
I see all of you asking for ranged weapons, (especially you JEFF).
I have said before, and I will say it again, RANGED WEAPONS ARE NOT SUPPORTED BY MINECRAFT!

I know that @Keyyard has made a gun mod. However, it uses arbitrary code, and installing that code BREAKS ANY OTHER WEAPONS that in the mod. I tested for 5 hours, trying to make them both work, but it is not possible.

Enchanting custom weapons is also NOT SUPPORTED in the current version of Minecraft, so PLEASE STOP ASKING. I will add enchantments ONLY when they are supported by a non-beta version of Minecraft!

Finally, I will not update this mod for any version of Minecraft that is a Beta Version--as mods for Beta Versions typically break very quickly.
Esas armas no quitan nada de daño para matar a un zombie debo pegarles 20 veces y con crítico 10
Please Update the Add-on! I want Enchantments!
Bro pls update this to 1.14+

I rlly need to use this
Then PLEASE make update even just adding bugfix idk, i just can't look at it anymore, 3 months without updates:(
If you would add ANY weapon it already would be amazing:)
On experimental play
then it work
Bonjour j'avais une petite question a vous posez pourquoi quand j'ai tout installer sur mon Minecraft xbox one et que j'ai le mod , en jeu je ne peux pas crafter les outils je ne sais pas si sa a rapport avec le shaders que j'ai ou autre mais bon merci de y répondre
Je m'excuse de ne pas répondre plus tôt @Scymczak.

Si vous ne parvenez pas à fabriquer les armes, vérifiez bien que le "jeu expérimental" est activé dans le monde où vous avez ajouté le mod.
De même, n’appliquez pas d’autres mods d’armes lorsque vous utilisez celui-ci, car Minecraft n’aime pas cela.
Enfin, assurez-vous que les packs Resource et Behavior sont appliqués, car le mod ne fonctionnera pas si vous n'utilisez pas les deux.

Espérons que cela aide!
The wood battleaxe is uncraftable and the sais are USELESS
There is only 1 link here, is it a BP or a RP?
A good weapon would be a spear. Has very low durability but has damage equal to the material's sword damage but greater by 0.5. Also has a higher reach and can be chucked at people uhh I mean mobs.
Battleaxes should work like a slower axe.
Blowguns and longbows sound good.
Explosive and repeater crossbows.
BONE WEAPONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ice, netherrack and endstone and purpur weaponz.
MORE GUNZZZZZZZZZZZ( like muskets and flintlocks and stuff)
AND MORE BOMBZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Try to do the netherrac and ice tools in da next update (or enchanted weapons, maybe found in chests?)
More crossbow bolts (like explosive) would be cool.
A repeater crossbow would be nice.
We need gunsss
Looks fun but when I installed it, it said “failed to import, not a valid zip archive”
What update version are you playing on?

You are the very first person to get that error message, maybe your download was corrupted?
In IOS13, you are unable to directly download addons. You can go search on youtube for tutorials