Published on February 05, 2021 (Updated on December 18, 2022)

Villager vs Pillager Addon Replicas

This addon was inspired by Alien Being's series, Villager vs Pillager Life. In this addon I added a lot of mobs from the series and make the game even harder. 


Special thanks to Ilosemypotato, who helped me make this amazing addon work for the rest of the Minecraft Bedrock versions (like Minecraft Win10) 

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 Villoker Changes:

  • Villoker's full potential powers have been nerfed a bit
  • Villoker now give players gifts if a raid is defeated (When the villagers win).


Other Changes & Bug Fixes:

  • Old Villagers now have sounds
  • Friendly zombies now have sounds
  • The soul knife now has the correct name
  • Villoker no longer has infinite health 
  • Villoker's vexs have the original vex model


Added Features:

  • Villoker's raid gifts feature has been added



Supported Minecraft versions

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Please update the addon by adding sounds to the captain pillager.
The addon doesn't work for me
Wheres is the ice golem
Good like there's now like a lot of new illagers
One question, Does the world have to be normal or peacefully so that no monsters spawn
I recently discovered your addon thanks to a video and I really liked what I saw, I love that you can have items to summon allies and the bosses it brings. I hope you keep working on this addon because it's amazing.
Happy to know that you like my addon, this means a lot to me!

There aren't any big bosses in this addon right now, you are probably talking about the Herobrine Expansion Addon, a different project of mine (You can check it in my discord server if it interested you)
Hello, Villager BS i would like to say add something and fix something
1. Make villoker have parents
2. Child villagers can't trade players
3. Add a powerful sword 1000 Attack Damage
4. Add sounds to the pillager captain
5. Captain Illusionor have a pillager sound add a illusioner sound on it
6. Vindo doesn’t do everything when someone kills him he doesn’t have power
7. Why vindo,, friendly vindicator, and friendly pillager are adults? Make them as a baby version
8. Add The Assassin Illager in it
9. Add Herobrine
10. Add a Diamond Apple
11. Add Villager.exe it just a monster
12. Just add sounds to the mobs who Doesn't have sounds
First, thank you for the feedback, I appreciate that. And about these:
1. Maybe I will add that
2. Why would they trade?
3. Why?
4. This is a bug, so I will fix it in the next update
5. I will think about this
6. He isn't supposed to be powerful
7. I will add that in the future
8. He is from a different addon
9. He is also from a different addon
10. What will that diamond apple do?
11. Who is that?
12. It's a bug, I will fix it in the next update
I guess i saw baby villagers have jobs in the animation
Diamond apple give you 9.99 minutes effects
Example: haste, Infinte health, hero village Etc
pillager captain needs sounds
It's a bug that will be fixed in the next update
Or add sounds to the doctor vindicator, it just a bug
It's a bug, although I remember adding him sounds
Can you add friendly zombiefied piglin from zombiefied piglin life in alien being and healer villager from village and pillager life
I noticed that when a friendly zombie spawn in village some villager guards from other add-on try to attack the friendly zombie even through the friendly zombie doesn't even attack the villager guards from other add-on and I think the friendly zombie uses the same AI same as the normal zombie but you just did make the zombie not attack the player, villagers, iron golem, and other friendly mobs that help the player
There is a huge chance that they coded these villager guards to attack mobs who are part of the zombie / undead families.

And I did use the zombie code but it can only affect the mob itself.
So you must separate the zombie code and the friendly zombie code
Can you add more characters in the huggy wuggy vs villager series?
Yes, but I am planning to add these mobs later
can u make the friendly mobs be more noticeable (make it more different than the original). sometimes i just accidentally killed the friendly mobs cus they look the same as the hostile mobs. maybe change their cloth? or eyes or whatever that makes it look obvious that its friendly. hope you read this
I will check how I can change this
Hey Villager BS! I have some requests to add in your resource pack
1. Make baby villages trade
2. Make friendly zombies don't die in the sunlight
3. add a Legendary Golem who helps players mobs hurting players.
4. Make Friendly vindicators have blue eyes as the same vindicator
5. Add sounds to old villagers and to friendly zombies
6. Add some villager guards
7. Make some villagers eat foods
8. Make Villoker sound like a evoker not a villager
9. Add some rich villagers
I can't reply Because of reCAPTCHA
First, thanks for your ideas, I appreciate that. And about these:
1. I don't think kids should work
2. I will fix that
3. I didn't understand what you say, are you asking for a tamed iron golem?
4. According to the series it's supposed to be like that
5. I will add that in the next update
6. Villagers are pacifists, so I'm not sure I will add that
7. Not sure it's possible
8. It's supposed to be like that
9. I need more information about these new type of villagers
Regarding about the number 6 some add-ons manage to try to make a villager become guards
I know, but I'm not planning to add that because they are supposed to be pacifists
10. Add sounds to the pillager captain