Published on February 07, 2022 (Updated on February 06, 2022)

Shih Tzu Addon

In 1.14, cats finally got new versions while dogs didn't got even one new version, and the only version of dog that we got in Minecraft isn't even a dog, it's a wolf. So I have decided to add a new dog(A real dog) to Minecraft! 

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  • More information added on the page
  • The special version of the shih tzu has 10 seconds of regeneration instead of 240 seconds
  • The special version of the shih tzu now can heal players



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Does it require experimental anything?
Not sure(I didn't checked it), but I believe it do need it
it will help me having asthma attacks in my adventures.

Btw this was a joke and I loved the model and texture