Published on September 20, 2023 (Updated on September 20, 2023)

Herobrine Expansion Addon

Sometimes Minecraft can be a bit boring, so that's why I made this addon. Here you can fight a few strong and complex mobs which all lead you to the strongest of all, Herobrine.

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  • Added a video showcasing how to summon herobrine
  • Added more detail about how to summon him
  • Added credits
  • Added warnings
  • Now this addon supports 1.20.30

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itszackmodcreators July 20, 2024 at 11:26 pm
This sucks it makee kick out of the game I rate this -999999/10
Nice addon. Make Herobrine have the Warden's AI
please make it to version 1.19 thank you
it works in version 1.19 thank you
oh and is it possible for you to make the arch illager too
hi devs I have a suggestion.since herobrine is basically a god I had the idea for his enraged form for him to have the ability of flight,energy projection from hands and laser eyes. plus he attacks everything
You should check out my YouTube channel, I have already added some of the ideas that you wrote here
This very good, keep it up I liked the design of the Mods adds more creatures I liked too much