COD Zombies: WaW-Nacht Der Untoten [Minigame]

This is my first attempt at uploading a map I've made onto the internet. I decided to "recreate" Nacht Der Untoten from COD: World at War as it is both a classic and simple. I tried to make it similar to the actual map which is why I also included a custom Resource Pack and Behavior Pack with the download.

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Update 14: Highly requested changes finally added


Universal changes (excluding Holiday Themed Nacht Der Untoten):


-added a "Restart Map" feature that allows you to reset the entire map so you start back at the Lobby Room. You can reset the map from the "game over" room/ the room where everyone can check their high score (I still recommend keeping one copy of the map in case something becomes messed up during the playthrough)

-zombies now shouldn't spawn in areas that are not open yet

-updated colored signs on the map to make them more vibrant and visible in darker areas

-fixed issue that may have caused some players to not be able to download the resource packs if they were trying to join the host

Thanks for being patient and, as always, thanks for the feedback!



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This is so bad ،every map i played was just with knives and bows and axes etc..
Where is guns????
Latest update should've fixed the crash issue! Let me know if there are anymore issues
Attention: I've been made aware that some maps have been having crashing issues due to recent Minecraft updates. I'm working on fixes and will have an update out soon. I apologize to everyone for the issues.
You should make der riese or kino.
He should make Kino
Awesome map I’m working on kino der Toten for half a year now and this inspires me to work harder on my map -Aaron
How do i reload my map in xbox because i cant get out of the thanks for playing area after i died
You have to make a copy of the map and add the behavior and resource packs to the copy and play that world. Repeat the process to reset it again
This is one of the best maps ive played in a long time, i genuinely enjoy it.
i may or may not have talked to this man before. ps he is a cool dude
I found this bug and it keeps kicking me out of minecraft I keep on trying but it keeps on doing it. I even took off the packs and it works then put 1 on its works then the 2nd 1 on.It kicked me out of minecraft. :(
But this map design is cool it’s like the original game :). But the being kicked out of minecraft thing is rlly making me nuts:(
This could be caused your version of Minecraft or by having a lot of memory being taken up by your computer or your worlds, but I cannot tell because I’ve never seen this problem before. By any chance do you know what pack might be causing the problem? Which is the first and second pack you are referring to?
This is strange, as I’ve never seen this problem before. It might be caused by having too much memory being taken up on your computer or your worlds. Do you have an idea as to what specific pack is causing the problem? Which one is the second pack you speak of and which one is the first?
Can kino from bo1
Maybe in the future... no promises
how to i get guns instead of swords or is that how its supposed to be?
It supposed to be swords. I don't want it to feel like a mod that re-textures everything in the game, so I wanted a compromise between Minecraft and COD. Which is why I decided to keep the weapon names from the game and just rename the tools.