Published on October 11, 2020 (Updated on August 24, 2022)

The Poetry Of Winter Addon

This addon makes Minecraft more like an RPG game! With this addon, you can choose your job, develop your own talents and fight new bosses! Come in and take a look.


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Added 10 new bosses.

the new talent, job and level system.

A lot of custom structures.

Manage Page for mutiplayer worlds.

New weapons and armors.

3 new bars.

Supported Minecraft versions

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Please update this addon! It is without a doubt the best RPG addon for Minecraft, an unprecedented project.
Por favor cara atualiza o addon pra 1.20 eu curtia muito esse addon na epoca eu só podia jogar ele no celular que travava muito mas agora eu nao consigo porque o Minecraft atualizou e nao consigo baixar a 1.19 porque eu jogo no notebook agora
update the addon please is the best rpg addons i've ever seen
For some reason i cant explain, the world wont open, and the Minecraft crashes when i try to create a New one, pls try to find and resolve this error, I love this addon
I absalutly love the addon
But i got one thing to say
This page does not do the addon justice
Especially in cases of the bosses
I did not see the OG king come up
Honestly speaking his my favorite boss
Aside from winter ghast
So yeah
Amazing addon
I hope it gets updated soon
This addon is really cool, I've been playing it for the past 3 hours now, it has a lot of items good and cool mechanics, and i also love that now the ender dragon has a 2nd stage so now it's actually more harder to beat, all in all, i really like it.
my world won't open with it on
I think I discovered a bug. The second row of the thing is not working and the heart doesn't make you chose to be a mage or a guard and stuff I Dont know why
Hello, How it's going?
Do you have any plans to update to a newer version?
The item that allows you to access the mod menu is not working, I believe it is a compatibility error with the mod version and the game version
How do I use Hearts?
Update plis version 1.19
Hello, creator, can I get your authorization to upload all your modules to Netease My World?
"my world"?Please do not use your translate apps hhhhhhh.
笑死,“NetEase My World”,自己想要获得授权却不提价格多少,已经看到你好几次了,你来这里就是在丢我们华人的脸,这个addon是国人自己做的,根本不需要你这么一个不要脸的人来代理网易版
How can I rate 5 stars? There's no star buttons on me.
I miss the Origin King on VEE JAY's video. 5 stars for updating World Border or The Poetry of Winter addon since you rename it.