Published on February 01, 2022 (Updated on May 01, 2024)

WorldFab 2 - New GUI, commands and more (V1.2)

The sequel to my popular World Fabricator add-on. Sculpt large terrain, easily copy and edit buildings with simple commands or the BRAND NEW GUI, and much more, all with the new and improved World Fabricator 2

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Hotfix for version 1.20.80
Fixed some typos on the download page


  • Changed how blockstates are written in commands to match Minecraft
  • Changed pattern / textured brush to be a brush shape instead of a separate command
  • Added a more detailed help description
  • Fixed bug where rotating a  selection would sometimes change the y position
  • MASSIVE performance improvement by changing how the shapes are calculated and placed into the world
  • Changes some of the feedback that commands will give you to look better / be more informative

New Features:

  • New GUI system to create brushes and control the selection
  • Players will now be teleported to the top of the generated shape when using !genShape, instead of being burried
  • Added a warning that prevents players from burying themselves when using the brush. This can be disabled with !allowBuildClipping
  • The selected area is now outlined with particles
  • Added !blockState command to get the valid blockstates for a block
  • Removed the selection size limit. World Fab 2 can now place / remove more blocks at once than can be done with the vanilla /fill command
  • Added a small warning when filling / removing a large selection
  • A lot of improvements under the hood


Supported Minecraft versions

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it still doesn't work
bro it says you updated it but it still doesn't work can you pls update the mod to 1.20.81
pls update to 1.20.81
pls update it I love this mod
pls update to 1.20.80
TM Marrow YT Official April 07, 2024 at 12:16 am
It seems, no matter who I'm with, even by myself, the copy and paste commands do not work

I don't know if it needs to be fixed, or doesn't work in multiplayer.
Does this work for aternos servers??
podrias actualizarlo para la 1.20.71?
i do not know whats wrong its not working
only problem i have is that i was going to use it on my pvp world but it makes all items dropped delete so i can't use it
Sometimes the the selection fills or deletes 1 block larger than it was supposed to, also sometimes the walls of filled or deleted areas are striped instead of flat. Other than that very good.
Good mod but you can't select air in in the selection menu