Published on December 23, 2020 (Updated on December 23, 2020)

X-Ray [Texture Pack]

Wanna try find ore but with out any chage in your survival world..? Well her is for you, this pack just need resource pack, like you add some texture pack in your minecraft world.

this pack is just simple way to find ore like iron,diamon,netherite and other...

They even work on Underwater...

or even you can find EZ Structure like Mineshaft or stronghold instanly,..

You still can see any entity if you want it...(but its have to in bright area to for sure)

Im not already try this on new version (1.16.100+) so im don't know its work or not.


If you want to use this X-Ray, pls only using it to mining and search ore you need it (FOCUS ON MINING), because its really annoying if you using it for other then that (Don't Use as vanila Texture).

Btw its free to use on you skill anyway and sorry for the comfort but...

!!Do Not Repost In Any Link Expect This MCPEDL Link!!

Select version for changelog:


-Fix some bug

-Add media fire link

-Fix File Download Link


Use EX File Explorer For EZZ... WAYS..




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this sucks so bad natrual diamonds dont show
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This is a good way of trolling in a friends game.
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Btw do you know if it works on xbox?
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It does work on xbox.
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