Published on November 13, 2021 (Updated on January 13, 2022)

XP Orb Desync Patch

Tired of experience orbs following you around and not getting picked up? Want to see them actually move in a water current like they used to? This add-on works around a very old and annoying bug in the game so that you can see where experience orbs really are.

This add-on creates a visible XP orb look-alike that follows server-side XP orbs, and makes client-side XP orbs invisible. This can help with normal gameplay and also with designing and testing builds that deliver XP-orbs to a specific location or need to manage where they end up.

In the video below I explain the bugs with experience orb desyncing and how the pack works around them.


Vote for Mojang to fix the XP desyncing bugs here:

The addon also patches other XP orb bugs from vanilla Minecraft: their slow speed in falling water and bubble columns, their ability to push mobs, and a render offset. You can read about those bugs on these reports:

Thanks to SirLich and the Bedrock Addons Discord where I was able to discuss and find solutions to some issues while making this pack. I used a custom billboard animation from DeepStick, FriedButter.

Select version for changelog:


The XP orbs now glow in the dark. Thanks to Matthew Karr on YouTube for the tip.


  1. Click on the link to go to my video about the pack, and find the download link in the description.
  2. Dowloand the add-on file and import it to Minecraft.
  3. Apply the behavior pack to your world. It will apply the resource pack automatically.

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"Watch my video to get the download link" NO. Post the direct download on this site or FO.
Old bug? Wdym Bruh this bug still happens to me
“Old” meaning it’s been around a long time. It’s been in the game since the very beginning and never been fixed.
Can i have a map diwnload of the civer image but besides that its great!
The cover image is from my gmf, you can get the world download link from the tutorial on my YouTube channel. Just click on the video on this page to get to my channel.
However that pick is from an update I am doing to it which is not released yet.
Ty man the cover image is what i wanted you are a legend