Published on September 07, 2019 (Updated on January 28, 2020)

Zombie Skin Pack

Many of you have seen the zombies in minecraft, and more and more types of zombies were coming out in minecraft.

Would you like to be zombies too?

This is the perfect skin pack!

Here are all the variety of zombies, and the skin pack will be updated as new types of zombies come out!

Download this skin pack now!

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I fixed the download link because it didn't work before and you can still use the skin pack in Minecraft 1.14


Supported Minecraft versions

Is the name tag still show? If not, i'm going to prank my friends!
dont know htf this works but i think its the game and it reall anooying me. i just want to use the normal zombie skin, but every time i equip the skin and exit i become a drowned then a husk and whatever.

zombie = drowned
drowned = husk
husk = drowned
pigman = drowned
im ticked off a bit
wieder dude im a fan of you so nice to meet you:)
Guys, just so you know. The best way to get a 4D skin is to download the 1st birthday skin pack in the minecraft market place. then you get a zombie with the zombie pose that you see in game today.
almost gave me a virus
This is such a good skin pack i'm gonna troll my friends so much.
anyone know how to get past the page?
Im going to use the zombie pigman to impostor silentwisperer LOL
burger with moldycheese September 07, 2019 at 11:42 pm
Can you make the skins lift their arms up like real zombies? If that's possible that would be much appreciated.
Can u make a 4d wolf skin pack like the old 4d skins?
Sadly, Minecraft BE doesn’t support 4D skin anymore. The last update that you can use the 4D skin is 1.4
No, I play bedrock all the time, and I'm on 1.12.1 and I can still use 4D skins.
I have never created a 4D skin pack, but I will try