Published on August 13, 2019 (Updated on January 27, 2020)

One Player Sleep System for Multiplayer (Script)

This addon allows for one player to sleep and the night to pass on multiplayer worlds.

Can be used on Realms and Windows 10 Worlds with experimental gameplay enabled


Only Realms and Windows 10 world can host the world. Mobile and Console players can join but can not host the world.

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Sorry everyone but I'm no longer going to be updating this pack, I'm leaving it to the new addon for this... Please check out this addon:


Supported Minecraft versions

The Mediafire link doesn't work, and you should put a direct link to it because you won't get money if I use an ad blocker or an ad skipper.
How do you get it to work on xbox one s
it is a scam and tries to install a virus
Than report the ad from adfly
Guest-6400963865 May 15, 2020 at 9:26 am
"The property '/header/min_engine_version' has a version of '1.10.0' which is too low. The lowest value we accept is '1.13.0'."

Looks like he didn't fix this error. Shame, as this would work danged well on the Skyblock map I'm making for myself and friends.
Fix the error by changing .mcpack into .zip and going to manisfest.json and renaiming min_engine_verson tp 1.13.0
Cannot download, All I get is malware screens popping up and tabs opening that my antivirus kills. Cannot get past the Ads without my protection blocking the pages. It is a shame that these systems are so flawed and creators do not offer other ways of supporting them. Moving on to someone elses version instead.
can you put a direct link to mediafire or google drive?
Yeah, that would be nice instead of this ad crazy nonsense which causes me antivirus to go nuts with the malicious domain name requests.
Yeah this is so stupid. I know that the developers want to make money off of this, but whats the use if i cant download it?
You can download u need skills to get through
i have tried to load it onto windows 10 but simply says it has an error and
"The property '/header/min_engine_version' has a version of '1.10.0' which is too low. The lowest value we accept is '1.13.0'. " any help? i am on the version v.1.13.1
Thank you for the report it'll be updated soon.
same here
When I downloaded it I got the same error, but it's an easy fix. Change "min_engine_version": [1, 10, 0] to "min_engine_version": [1, 13, 0] in the manifest.json
Hi, I’m wondering if this works on dedicated servers. Not realms but the ones you buy from third party’s. Thanks!
That I'm not sure about but I've heard that you can put addons on certain dedicated servers.
That would not be possible since they use different API's.
There seems to be a bug where if a villager sleeps in a bed, it would turn to day.
Thank you for the report. I'll be sure to fix it soon.
Por qué no intentas hacer que los de otras plataformas que no sean win10 también puedan hostear y el script funcione igual
No funciona así. Esto se basa en la ejecución de comandos que utiliza scripts. Los scripts solo se admiten en Windows 10.
I have a cuestión. I have a realm on windows 10, How to install the mod? Because I installed de script but it says everyone needs to bed in a bed. In my realm there are users on android and xbox. Thanks for you time!
Make sure that you have "experimental gameplay" enabled.
Anyone asking if why they can't get this working on Android/iOS...
You can join the world as long as it's hosted on Windows 10 or Realms. Android and iOS can not support the scripts locally without system modification.
I can’t download it. I’m on iOS
It doesn’t work for iOS only windows 10
It works on iOS aslong as the host of the world is Windows 10 or realms.
It will only work if Windows 10 or Realms is hosting the world. Android and iOS can join but not host.
Cand il faceti sa mearga si pe android?
Am rulat-o pe Android cu un computer Windows 10 fiind gazda.