Published on November 11, 2017

Armored Ocelot Add-on

This add-on turns the ocelot into a much cuter and more useful companion in Minecraft. It will now be wearing a full armor set any time that it spawns in-game. After you've tamed it you will be able to upgrade the armor, ride it and even get it to protect you against any possible threat in-game. This a must-have for all cat lovers out there!


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if this addon dosent work then just delete it because you get alot of poeple happy when they see this
ummm the download link leads straight back to mcpedl and the download link says download disabled. pls help i rlly wanna use this mod.
WOW! Have armors the animals :)
wait aren't cats in the though?
I meant, aren't cats in the game though
Bruh..Cat’s were already added into the game,way back.
Yeah. With this addon you can still tame ocelots tho. So then you have a normal cat and a bigger, armored cat!
Good on you ~
Oh my... been waiting for this. ?
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Why does the cat need armor at the tail?#THATSMESSEDUP?
Guys! It doesn't matter who commented first!
ForeverTalia_Minecraft December 13, 2017 at 9:24 pm
I have the wolf one already
Still don't trust adfly. Its bull crap
Can u make a mod? Plzzzz??
The addon is great, but, creator, can u make a mod?